April 22 2012

Practicing Conscious Love

How does the word LOVE cause you to feel inside?  When you say LOVE or you hear someone else say LOVE, do you have a Conscious Thought about the meaning of LOVE?  Do you feel a Vibration that the word carries?  Has the word LOVE lost it’s meaning for you because of its over-use in everyday conversation?

What kind of Thoughts would you have if the next time you said or heard the word LOVE you stopped to think about?  Would you in that Moment feel its Purity, Simplicity and Grandeur?

The word LOVE carries a Vibration.  It is a Pure Vibration.  The Essence of LOVE does not define or select or have preferences.  LOVE is non-discriminatory.  LOVE does not originate in the human Heart.  LOVE originates in the Divine Field, the All That Is, God, the Creator, the I Am.  Our Hearts are meant to be the carriers of LOVE that was infused within us at the point of Creation.  LOVE does not care if we label it with words like meaningless, pointless, corny, mushy.  The Essence and Vibration of LOVE only desires to be everywhere.  To permeate Hearts, Spirits, and Beings.  It desires that we be Conscious of it.  It desires to Be.

Are you Conscious of how you carry the Vibration of Love?  Are you selective about who “deserves” the Love you carry?  Are you attentive each time you utter the word LOVE?  Is it easy for you to LOVE your neighbor across the street but impossible to LOVE your neighbor on the other side of the Planet?  Are you Conscious of how you spread and Express LOVE from your Being?

This week take the time to be Aware of each instance you use the word LOVE.  Practice Conscious LOVE.  Practice and try out what it feels like to experience the Vibration of LOVE toward a complete stranger.  Practice experiencing what the Vibration of LOVE means to you.  Is it Liberating?

LOVE can be infused in everything we think, say and do.  It is easy to LOVE our family; it is easy to LOVE our Friends.  This week, practice expanding this feeling.  Could it truly be just easy to LOVE your neighbor with the same unconditional nature of LOVE you give to family and friends?  Could it be as simple and easy to feel the same unconditional LOVE for those you disagree with?  All the citizens of your country?  Your country’s leaders?  Can you feel unconditional Love for other countries and their citizens?  How about for your perceived enemies?  How about the Earth and her creatures?

The Vibration and Essence of LOVE has no other desire but to be felt and shared.  Can you acknowledge this week the responsibility we have to carry and expand LOVE?  It takes no work to share, spread, express and expand LOVE.  It takes massive work to reject LOVE and deny it and mistrust it.

Be aware of Moments where you have unloving Thoughts toward someone.  Transform these Moments and these Thoughts to a Conscious Awareness of LOVE instead.  Practice replacing programmed Thoughts of separation and differences to simple Thoughts of LOVE.

LOVE is not pointless.

LOVE can Heal the World.  But we must be daring enough to make the Conscious Choice to be aware of LOVE and experience its Vibration.  Be daring enough to choose the Expression and Awareness of LOVE in everything we do and say.

When all else is stripped away, we are simply Divine Souls containing Pure LOVE and Intelligence.  This week, ask yourself why that might be.

Can you choose to fall in Love with the LOVE that you are?

Practice Conscious LOVE.  For Yourself.  For everyone.

“The life and love we create is the life and love we live”

Leo Buscaglia


Love liberates!

Maya Angelou


Sub-Conscious Liberation of Love-Solfeggio & Delta Binaural Beats



April 9 2012

Being in the Now Moment

Do you ever stop to think during the week, or in a given day, how much time you spend in the past? How much time you spend in the Future? Do your thoughts during the day seem to reside in a space that ruminates the past? Do you find your Thoughts are too often traveling to the Future and what you will say or do in a situation that has not happened yet?

When we put our focus on Future events, or spend so much of our time re-living an incident from the past, we are missing the Moments and the Opportunities that are visiting us in the Now Moment. Do you ever Wonder if you have missed opportunities or Answers that might have shown themselves in one Moment in which you were not Present?

What does it feel like to be fully Present in the Moment of Now? Do you notice more of your current surroundings? Do you hear more conversation around you? Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you might be spending so much Mind Energy in the past or the Future?

If your Thoughts are often in the past, ruminating hurts, embarrassments, regrets, or re-writing a scenario, what is it about those Thoughts and memories that still needs Healing? Is there something you can do for yourself to Heal this memory? Can you simply and with Love let go of these Emotions and know that All is already Forgiven? When you are able to Heal something from the past, you will find your Thoughts no longer spend the same amount of time visiting that past.

If your Thoughts are often in the Future, writing possible situational scenarios, are you leaving yourself as an Open Vessel to receive Gifts that Future Moment has waiting for you? If you have already planned something in a Moment that has not arrived yet, are you narrowing your Spiritual focus when that Moment arrives? Will you, because the scene has already been written by you, miss the Love of your Life, a livelihood opportunity, or an Answer you’ve been seeking?

Our Thoughts of the Future or past are necessary for the Ego. The Soul does not need the past or Future and is in Love with the Now Moment.

This week, stay Aware of how often your Thoughts are not living fully in the Present.

Excercise your Mind this week, train your Thoughts to be Present Now in every Moment.

Notice the decrease in your stress level when you leave the Future of Unlimited Potential where it is, welcoming it with open arms when it actually arrives.

When a disturbing or hurtful memory arises, is it asking you to Heal that Moment, Forgive yourself, Forgive another? Notice the decrease in the distress in your Heart when you leave the past where it resides.

Stay Aware this week of each Moment that provides you with a new Soul entering your Life, or a new opportunity. Stay aware this week on participating fully in the Now Moments that provide Laughter, overwhelming Love, and new Knowledge/Truth.

Practice Healing and letting go of the past. Practice leaving the worries and Joys of the Future where they are.

Be in Love with the Now Moment.



April 3 2012

Spiritual Growth

We are all Spiritual Beings.  Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  This would mean that, though to thrive as a Human is important, to thrive as a Soul is Primary.  Our Soul growth and Evolution is the entire reason we are here in 3rd dimensional form.

Do you strive each day to stay in a “Spiritual place?”  Do you stay attentive to your Thoughts, your Emotions, your Actions, always attempting to do “right?”  Do you see yourself at times, “slipping” and falling back in your Spiritual Growth?  Do you have moments you feel disappointed in yourself or more painful, feel regret for something?  Do you, when you least expect it, feel Anger or Fear or Frustration with things you read in the media?

It’s easy to say that we will only hold Loving Thoughts and Compassionate Intentions but we are Human and more than any other example, we experience Moments of outrage, anger at Injustices we see in the World.  Are you able to see those Moments for what they are?  Do you succumb to the Siren call of that Emotional whirlpool and spin endlessly in the seeming righteous anger at wrongs that happen in the World?

As we desire each day to be Loving, Kind, Intelligent, and Just we will have days where something we said, or did, or Thought causes us disappointment in ourselves.  We must understand that these Moments are crucial to our Spiritual Growth.

Just like a road trip you might embark on, this Journey will present mismarked road signs, impassable highways, wrong turns.  And routes that test our Ability to decide the correct course to take to complete the Journey.

This is Spiritual Growth.  These moments are what ultimately raise us Higher, bring us closer to a Unified Consciousness.  Always remember, those Moments are your Soul’s Gift to you and they are no less valuable than your Moments of Joy, Ease and Bliss.  We must learn to Honor those trying Moments as significantly as all the other Moments.

Everything, in every Moment is occurring exactly as it’s meant to; can you Trust your Higher Self that this is so?  Can you Trust that those challenging Moments are equally as valuable to your Soul’s Growth as the “easy” Moments?

Be attentive to the opportunities this week to Forgive yourself for Moments of disappointment.

Use your angry, frustrated Energy this week to make a difference; express that in joining a protest that is a Just Cause; express that in signing a petition to change something.

Take a break from the media and headlines this week.

Know that Moments where you feel you’ve done less than you could have are some of the most significant Moments in your Spiritual Growth.

The positive difference you’ve made in the World is never undone.

Forgive yourself.  Honor yourself.  Thank your Soul, your Higher Consciousness.  Know that your Soul, in the dust of those Moments, has shined a little Brighter.



Mar 26 2012

The Ego Mind and Gratitude

Do you have full control over the mental response and reactionary Thoughts you have in each Moment?  We are learning much more now, from a new non-Freudian perspective, about what the Ego really is:  it is about Duality Thinking, needing to be “better” than someone else, and an absence of Gratitude.  Are you aware of how often in a day you allow thoughts of Gratitude into your second-nature thinking?  Are you aware of how often in a day you allow the Joyful Energy of Gratitude to be in your Heart?  We all have an Ego Mind that has been programmed.  The only purpose of the Ego is to survive.  We have been led to Believe that in order to survive, someone must win and someone must lose.  Do you find during the day that no matter how big or small the situation or issue, you are in a constant state of defensiveness?  Do you need to “one-up?”  The Ego’s second-nature responses are based in the Energy of Lack and Need.  If we realize that in each Moment, of each day we already have everything that we need and that we will survive no matter what someone else has or has done, only then can we begin to enter into a Higher Spirit that is required in Humanity’s Evolution.

“At the heart of all our challenges is the ego.

The ego is the part of the mind attached to the external, threatened by failure, and lives in constant comparison to others. In other words, the ego traps us in a haze of temporary, fearful, and past and future concerns.

The ego finds its identity through the external world: money, possessions, achievements, and status. The ego is on a mission to get more of any of those 4 things, so that in our comparison we can say, “yes, I am somebody.” “I’ve done this or I have that.” The silent message is, “what about you?””

from Jim Murphy, Inner Excellence Website

The best way to stop feeling lack – and a need to defend what one has and knows – is to feel Gratitude.  For everything.  In every Moment.  Gratitude for the Blue Sky, Gratitude for the Energy of your children in the morning, Gratitude for your Strength and Health, and yes, Gratitude for whatever amount of money you call income.  Gratitude for a stranger’s Smile, Gratitude for a family member or Friend who simply utters a spontaneous ”I Love You.”

Choose to observe this week that every Moment of your day Gifts you with something to be Grateful for.

Choose Moments this week to practice recognition of the Thoughts that determine your approach to a situation and whether those Thoughts are based in Duality, Ego and needing to be right, or are based in Gratitude, Listening, Love and a Peace in knowing you do not need to prove your Soul is worthy.

Choose to see, in a True Light this week, that you are not a Soul Created from Lack.  You are a Soul created out of Love and Gratitude.

Set a goal this week, when finding yourself in those Moments of Awakening, to notice how often you say “Thank You.”

Take Moments this week to deeply feel the inherent Joy that fills your Heart when authentic Gratitude is experienced.



Mar 18 2012


Forgiveness is one of the essential ingredients needed for our Evolution.  Yet, it often seems to be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome.  Do you Forgive easily?  Do you hold onto the hurts in your Heart with a lover’s Embrace?  Are there people and events still living in your Heart from too long ago that you cling to through the Illusion that the feelings of injustice will sustain you?  What would happen if you forgave those people and actions?   How does an unwillingness to Forgive nurture your Life?  Would you feel lost if you set Forgiveness in your Heart and purged the memories once and for all?

Choose one person from your Life this week and imagine what it would feel like to Forgive them.

Choose to remember that Forgiveness is your tool to dissolve the pain your Heart holds.

Remember, it is not your Soul and the Heart that beats within you that needs the memory.  It is the ego.

There is someone out there, somewhere, that also strives to Forgive you for something.

That space in your Heart that housed the Pain will be refilled with Liberation and Peace.

Choose Forgiveness this week.



Mar 11 2012

Are you a Judgmental person?  Do you ever notice whether you have already made up your mind about someone or something before allowing an initial Understanding of what or who you are being presented with?  Most people would desire to believe they are Non-judgemental.  But does every single one of us, at one time or another, Judge even for a moment, something placed in front of us?

If we can disallow the defining Labels to enter our minds when observing something new, could we become more aware of the Judgement we exercise, and begin to disallow that in our Hearts?

As you become more Aware of Judgemental thoughts, notice how much more easily this Awareness helps you let go of the Labels you use.  Being Non-judgemental means being more Open to wonderful new things and Amazing new Possibilities.

This week, take 5-minutes each morning that you can, and begin your day with the following video.  It is from “J: Judge Not Today” from Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life, by Deepak Chopra.

Judge Not Today.




Mar 4 2012

A necessary ingredient to continue living inside Duality-Thinking is Labeling.  Do you ever stop to think about the labels we use every day of our Lives?  Can you see how this Labeling is the first stop in our Minds, before we determine someone or some situation is “good” or “bad?”  What if you found a way to start purging your Mind of labels?  Could you see a person or situation then, less in terms of Good and Bad?  If you purged labels such as conservative/liberal, gay/straight, Black/White, American/Middle-Easterner, Tea Partier/Progressive, 99%/1%, young/old, fat/skinny, cute/unnattractive, etc.  Stop to see what’s in your Mind and the words your thoughts embrace, before even allowing yourself to see if what/who is in front of you might provide a new piece of Knowledge, a new Revelation.  You might be in the Right place at the Right time, if you are open to something brand new, that has no name attached.

Are we really all enemies, constantly needing to ‘pick a side?’

Are we really all members of the Human Family, meant to listen and learn from each other?

Could we come together as a People more quickly around the World if we dismissed and no longer welcomed Labels into our Lives?

Would we hear the sound of that first shackle breaking, as we dismantle the Duality-Thinking of Us vs. Them?

Practice being in the Moment and observing the Reactions in your Heart, the Thoughts in your Mind when presented with each new wonderful situation and Person.  Can you begin to see others in a new Light, with no Label?

Practice seeing all beings around the World equally as Beautiful, Amazing and Intelligent as you are.  Practice seeing Possibilities everywhere.  We have so much to Share with each other, and we need each other, now more than ever before.




Feb 26 2012

Take a close look at the Thoughts you have in a 24-hour day.  Most of us don’t stop to really hear the words we habitually think.  Did you know in these increasingly fast times in our Evolution, that it now only takes 17 seconds for the words you think, the thoughts you have to begin creating an event?  It now only takes 17 seconds for our Thoughts to Manifest a new piece of Reality.

Find moments to be fully and consciously aware of the words you are thinking.

Will the Energy of your Thoughts hurt someone when they are manifested?

Will the Energy of your Thoughts create Love and Healing for someone?

If your Thoughts were broadcast through a microphone to everyone around you, would you be at Peace with the words you are sending out into the Cosmos?

Enjoy the following short video and ponder…


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