Bill Wood Interviews Drake

Linked below is the Bill Wood interview with Drake on May 3, 2012.  This blew my socks off!  I highly recommend for everyone to give it a listen.  Its been done in collaboration and with the participation of Wolf Spirit Radio,

I would say there are two major highlights of the interview:  The actual tone of voices and how much lighter they seem to sound than in the past, almost excited; and the sense, especially near the end of the interview, that something very big is imminent in the near future.  It’s almost as though they are wishing each other (and everyone out here) well, until we meet on the other side of the event.

There is definitely some new information in here.  Drake also talks about NESARA and explains there are two versions found on the Internet: one of them is ‘bogus’ and one of them is real and he explains how to tell which is which when you run across information.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


Click on the link above, and then go to:  2012-05-03_FR_Deatra_Drake_BillWood.mp3 for the full interview for download.  You can also find this in 30-minute parts on Kaulipele’s Blog at



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