We live in a very noisy, chaotic, busy work-a-day World.  Everywhere we turn, there is activity that contains the inherent sound and noise that just seems to accompany Life.  Think for a Moment about the myriad of sounds that intrude upon the hearing and the brain each waking minute of a day:  TV, radio, traffic, machinery, alarms, constant chatter and talking to name a few.

Do you ever stop and truly be fully Aware of the constant feed of sounds and noise in your day?  Is it possible that when you feel out of Balance, a significant aspect of this imbalance could be the “noise invasion” that exists?

Can you examine for a Moment, if you are a Soul that finds comfort in the noise that plays endlessly in a day?  Are you a Soul that is uncomfortable with Silence?

The noise that continually plays around the clock in our Lives has become such an accepted part of Life for many people.  Does this mean it is good for you simply because it exists?

Do you take time during the day or week to really sit with Silence and make friends with it?  One can get a True sense of the level of noise we subconsciously accept into our lives by trying this:  Take some time to shut everything off.  Everything.  Not just TV, radio, etc. but also electronics, air conditioners, etc.  Within the first Moments of Silence, close your eyes.  Many will find that in this space, there is a sudden awareness of the noise that continues – within the ears and brain.

The noises that play so constantly in our Lives actually disturb our Vibrational Balance.  We carry within ourselves a natural Balance that results when we are in Vibrational Harmony with our own Being and the Universe around us.  When this Vibrational Harmony is disturbed, or assaulted with unnatural waves of sound, this will create an imbalance within our Spirits and Hearts and Chakric System.  Remember, that once a noise or sound or word is released, it creates a Wave pattern that continues to exist in the space and ethers indefinitely.  Without even realizing it, we are impacted by the constant Wave patterns that bombard us.  When you have days that feel uncentered and out of Balance, can you ponder whether some of this might be the result of the noise that has become almost “natural” to many?

If we can Honor the Gift of Silence that is always available to us, could we discover our Muse, our Guidance, our Higher Self, our Creativity, and the answers we seek are right there waiting to Embrace us?

This week, take notice of the Moments you are Blessed with some Silence.  Use these Moments to bring yourself back to the Awareness of your own Being.

This week, make time to form a routine where you gift yourself with a period of Silence each day.  If this has been difficult for you in the past, decide this week to create a new habit of visiting with Silence each day.

This week, become Aware and ask yourself which sounds are more desirable and Joyful to your Spirit:  The sound of a wave living out it’s natural movement or the sound of the garbage truck in the alley?  The sound of a bird singing, or the sound of the TV with it’s familiar background noise?  The sound of rain, or the sound of the “talk” radio that drones endlessly?  The sound of the wind, or the constant hum of office machinery?

This week, reconnect with the Divine Field of Life and Love that is your True Home.  Sit in Silence, and you will discover you are already halfway there.



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