Drake Update

Well, looks like we’ve heard from Drake again, as shared below.  I don’t promise at this point that I will continue to post Drake interviews in the future.  Not saying that I won’t, just that I may choose not to in the future.  But, I believe that those readers out there who have become Drake fans have already found other ways to access his information, most easily from the Freedom Reigns website.

This show (approx. 2 hrs) does hear Drake placing an emphasis on two things I believe are important:  First, the idea of community that we need to return to; community in our neighborhoods, in our towns, etc.  A sense of community that resurfaces through our call to assist and help each other if situations become difficult for people.  If one person needs something, we can no longer leave them on their own to ‘fend for themselves.’  And secondly, his continuing statements throughout that we learn to be kind to each other again.  Express kindness, be kind to strangers, offer a helping hand whenever you see it is needed, without the expectation of a return or reward.

Beyond that, I will admit I did not get through the entire interview so if I did miss something crucially important later in the audio, I will count on someone out there to share the info!

I am not advising Dear Hearts to stop listening to Drake.  Each of us has, not only the right to find our new Knowledge where it is comfortable, but I believe we also have an obligation to acquire new Knowledge at every opportunity.  If a source for that Knowledge and information is not comfortable then we owe it ourselves to find a source that is more comfortable.

Having said that, I do feel Drake shares things that are good and noble, and “of the Light.”  But, as with so many things these days, we must be strong in searching for answers and the Truth and use a Courage that allows us each to find those answers in ways that resonate.

Remember, if it is the Truth, it will be apparent through many forums, voices, and outlets.  Each point of Truth received from a myriad of sources will be one more piece in the mosaic of the big picture.  And in the final run, we will probably all end up with a version of the Truth in our pockets that is identical to everyone else’s.  That will be the whole Truth.

And it will set us free.


I had intended to post the direct link to the interview.  However, after a period of struggling with this, I’m just posting the link direct to Kauilapele’s Blog where you can access the show easily.



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