It is Time to Listen…

Just received this… one more example of the synchronicity of Energy and Thoughts getting stronger each day!

No further preface needed.




It Is Time To Listen And To Learn What Is Happening In Our World!

by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

How much easier it would be to prepare myself and allow all others to care for themselves, come what may. But, it is not my nature to do so. So I speak, hoping you will listen. Thousands of us are speaking, hoping you will listen.

Humanity now faces a period of turmoil for which little to no public preparation is being made. Why? Because our major media is very tightly controlled by the dark cabal. Americans, in particular, could listen to the news on TV 24/7 and still have no idea what is really happening on our planet. It doesn’t manner if you don’t believe in the dark cabal—they exist and have controlled our world for hundreds of years. You feel their control everyday and have simply grown accustomed to it, considering it to be life.

What is About to Happen is that mass arrests are to be made of the thousands of members of the dark cabal. Because the dark cabal members hold a huge variety of power positions, their arrests will create confusion and fear—particularly among those who know nothing about what is occurring. For this reason, each of us can make this period of upheaval much easier for all concerned by being prepared and sharing this information. Why the arrests? Because we cannot create a better world for our children and grandchildren until the dark cabal is removed.

Creator God created Earth as a paradise. We Earth humans have almost completely destroyed it. Divine Will is uppermost and Divine Will is that Earth be cleansed and the 3rd dimensional plane of duality be removed. No longer is suffering, wars, destruction, deprivation of any kind, or illness to be a part of life on Earth. Earth, as a planet, is ascending to the 5th dimension where suffering is no more.

With the mass arrests, we will learn that all we have considered true about our lives is a lie. We have been living in an illusion of lies that extends into all religions, all political parties, all education. We have been so subtly and completely enslaved that our minds will have difficulty comprehending it. At this moment we are faced with a choice. We can say, “I don’t believe a word of it” and go on our way. Or, we can look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren and know that we, as the adults, must at least be prepared.

First, we adults need to be prepared for a time in which life may come to a practical standstill. There will be a period of around 72 hours during the mass arrests that satellites will be cut off and American borders will be closed. Credit and debit cards will not work. We can be prepared by having enough food, water, medicine, toilet paper and other essential personal items, gas in the car, and cash on hand to last several days.

Following the mass arrests, the global economy will be changed from a debt based economy to an equity based economy. This, too, will require a period of adjustment during which banks may close. This new system is already in place. (For those of you who work in banks and know nothing of a new economy, keep in mind that we all—including the President of the United States—work on a need to know basis. You do not know what your supervisors know … your supervisors do not know what the CEO knows … and on up the ladder of command. This is how secrets are kept.)

Once we get over these hurdles, our world will be a much better place for all people. Debt relief will be massive. Advanced technologies that will render life much easier for all will be introduced. We will no longer live in a world in which some live in luxury and others live in abject poverty. There will be enough for everyone, with money eventually becoming obsolete.

Keep in mind that Earth humans presently operate with about 10% of our brain power and 3% of our capacity for awareness of the life that is actually around us. We have much to learn and the knowledge will mean that we once more live in paradise!

Second, there are numerous sources of Information you can explore:

There is a voluminous amount of information on the internet. I refer you to David Wilcock because he is internationally known and respected, offers many sources of verification, and he is genuinely working for the people of this planet.

For now, the important thing is that we are prepared and do not panic when our world appears to be falling apart. Know instead, that destruction of the dark precedes life lived as Creator God intended. Divine Order Is Unfolding On Earth!


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