Message from P’taah

May 2012 – No More Struggle

from Jani King 

So, my beloved ones, how is it going, the enlightenment stakes? Struggling along? You know, the wonderful news is that you do not need to struggle any longer. This timing – this impeccable timing that you have all created yourselves in – is for one reason only and that is to come into the knowing of the God-Goddessness of you. There is no other reason – just to come to know and love who you truly are.

You do not come into that knowing, however, by struggling to practice what are called grand disciplines or by reading massive tomes or even by listening to ‘old spooks’ like that which be I! All of that is absolutely valid and it great fun, but it is not necessary. All that is necessary is that is you will come into the knowing of who you are.

It’s simple, indeed. No more struggle. Who you are, indeed, is grand and wondrous. Who you are is a facet of the God/Goddess, All-That-Is, else you would not be here. That which is called the universe is part of who you are. You are the God-Goddessness. You are the universe. Nothing else really exists outside of you, save to show you who you are – a grand mirror, a reflection to show you how wonderful and how magnificent you are.

Within you, absolutely, is all knowledge – all knowledge. Whatever you read, whatever you hear, is merely a shadowy fragment, a reflection of what is called the true knowing and it is here. There is nothing else.

As you are part of the universe, indeed as you are truly a wonderful multidimensional reflection of that God-Goddessness, so the universe supports you absolutely in the expression of who you really are. So it is that when you really start to know who you are, when you can take all of those parts of you – you know, the ones that you hide because they are not good enough and not acceptable – when you can take them, examine them and love them absolutely, you automatically open the channel to your own Godhood.

It’s really quite simple. Nothing to do except to embrace the totality of you. Instead there you are, chasing enlightenment, struggling along, exploring whatever is the newest thing – and all of the time the answers are within you.

You see, beloved peoples, that which is called your belief structure and that which is called your fears are absolutely what create your reality. You are driven by that fear!

Most of the time you live your lives in re-action. You are not in what is called loving action, not in what is called the vulnerability. You are simply in reaction to what is occurring about you. And remember that what is occurring around you, you have created because you create your own reality absolutely!

So if you do not like what you are creating, you may change it. As you create the change, the universe will support you absolutely.

You know, the universe does support all of your fears – all of that energy you put into the fears, all of the energy that you put into hiding what you do not like. The universe will support you absolutely and give you more. Whatever you are putting energy into, the universe helps you.

So you may see in your life a certain patterning. That which has not been resolved, you will create and re-create and re-create all of the days of your life until you resolve it. How do you do that? Look at what it is in your life that you do not desire, the beliefs about yourself that created it, and the fear. When you embrace it all, you may change it absolutely.

We will talk more about embracement next month. So, my beloved ones, until then, we love you grandly and issue forth to each and every one of you,





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