April Crawford – “Veronica”

For those who may not have become familiar with April Crawford and the readings from Veronica, http://www.aprilcrawford.com/, here is the one I received today.  Of course, I’m always partial to a message about Love… and today’s is a message about the most difficult Love for many – Love for ourselves.

Recognize the Beauty and Magnificence that you are!  I hope you feel Loved today!




A New Message From VERONICA

The Most Desired Of All Things

“Often in your culture the definition of love varies according to the giver and receiver. There are a variety of pretty packages all overflowing with love inside of them.

All who incarnate focus deeply upon creating love. It is the most desired amongst all things. So why is it so elusive for many?

Love begins within the self. Without a loving perspective of who and what you are in the linear, a pursuit of connection within it can remain distant. Love should not complete you, it should expand the beauty that is already there.

All living beings are vibrating souls. By viewing the positive parts and appreciating them, it is only the beginning. That is easy.

Now take a look at all the no so positive aspects of yourself and begin to transform them into more positive representations.

Remove all conditions. Know who you are and love it. Yes, even the negative part of your consciousness because it needs it the most.

As you begin to see yourself more lovingly you will attract those who would love unconditionally.

Those who would love you with conditions are easy to find. Take the next step to create those who find your energy remarkable.

Awake each day pleased with who you are. By changing that one thought, everything could be different. It’s not all that hard. Give it a chance and see what happens.”





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