Lee Harris and Dana Mrkich

Just ran across this info about an event happening this evening in Crow’s Nest, Sydney Australia.  This sounds like a lot of fun tonight so any Brothers and Sisters in the area might want to head over there and check it out!

Dana Mrkich and Lee Harris together…?   Fabulous!!

Here’s the info from Dana’s website.



Thank you to everyone attending Shift Happens tomorrow night – Friday 20 July. The event sold out, but we have been able to change to a larger room (The Green Room) which means new seats are available!

Online bookings are now closed but you are welcome to pay at the door. We would appreciate it if you could have the exact amount ($25) as we may not have change. Books will also be available for sale on the night. Event details are below.


Friday 20 July: 7-9pm

The Awareness Institute

Suite 1, 20 Clarke Street, Crows Nest, Sydney Australia

Co-Hosted by Energy Intuitives Dana Mrkich and Lee Harris.

Come along for what will be a fun night of insightful information and plenty of Q&A on our current shift in consciousness, how it is playing out in our world and personal lives, what you can do to better achieve balance and how to harness the potentials of this time.

The energy of the group calls forth the information that flows so thank you in advance for your attendance! We are as excited as you are to hear what will come through on this night!

We so look forward to seeing you there,

Dana and Lee

Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia






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