“The Red Pill”

Here’s an update from Cobra I found at the 2012Portal blog.  I have finished reading the first link to truer history… certainly the information on the Jesuit-Nazi connection is fascinating, though I personally would have liked a little bit more verification within the article.  Maybe I’ve just gotten used to David Wilcock’s numerous links within his articles!  I’ll be starting the Illuminati article next (I’ve taken a quick look and it’s actually a book compiling 12 chapters!).

Hope you discover new things learned in this perusal.  And if you do, be sure to pass on the Truth to at least one person today!  As always, discernment is yours to use… but remember – some Truths being revealed in 2012 will initially be unbelievable!

I do believe that as Lightworkers we have been Courageous and hungry for the Truth, and with each new revealing and piece of true history, we become stronger and more willing to hear the next piece waiting around the corner.




The Red Pill

posted by Cobra 7/22/12

I have been delaying the release of this for as long as possible because this intel is very disturbing. But people have the right to know the truth. That is the only path towards healing.

So you have a choice. You can take the blue pill, forget about this and go on with your daily life. By clicking on the links you take the red pill. Be aware that what you read here will shatter your world view quite dramatically and you will need some time to digest this. But after you do, you will become a pillar of strength for people in this world because every human being will have to deal with this intel sooner or later at least to an extent. Please understand that I can take no responsibility for those who read this information and their psychological reactions to this.


Both links are very reliable and very close to the truth.

First you can read about the real background of the Nazi-Jesuit holocaust:


Then you can read about the Illuminazi mind programming, which was the backbone of the Illuminati power until very recently:


The Cabal must be exposed and things like this must never happen again. The coming victory of the Light will make sure that they will not, and healing for many victims of this will finally be available.





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