For those of you who have already checked out and perused “Interview with An Alien” ( (Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer) and enjoyed that read, I promise this is another one you’ll want to check out!

Mathilda O’Donnell MacElroy, the military nurse that provided the information for the first book, contacted Spencer approximately three years ago with a much larger in-depth revealing that makes up the second book, The Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission.  (And yes, she contacted him from “someplace else.”)

I spent the afternoon yesterday (hours!) reading random excerpts that I could pull up from the Amazon site (you can find it here – and I was, to say the least, quite affected by the information (yes, even more than the first book!).  I have looked everywhere online and cannot find a pdf.file for a complete read as Spencer offered on the first book.  But if you have the time and patience, it’s definitely worth reading as many of the random excerpts as you can.  If you’re like me, you will end up deciding to purchase both.

Here are just a few tidbits that, hopefully, will tease you into wanting more to read:

From Lawrence R. Spencer:

*  “On Tuesday, December 15, 2009 I received a very unusual and unexpected e-mail. At first, I thought it was sent as a prank. Usually, I wouldn’t look past the Subject line before deleting it. But, as I quickly skimmed the body of the message the words “DEF Mission” jumped out at me, so I kept reading. After scanning it for viruses, I opened the text document that was attached.”


*  “For those who are still interested in the material, regardless of whether or not they “believe” that material is “fact” or “fiction,” I am publishing the content of the e-mail and the attachment I received, in its exact, unaltered (except for formatting) form.”

“I don’t think this material needs any further introduction or explanation from me. So I’m publishing these documents, as requested of me by “Adeet-Ren”, formerly identified on Earth as Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy.”

From Mathilda/Adeet-Ren:

“I am sending this document to relay to those few who are willing to look and think for themselves, to discover possible solutions to the dilemma of being imprisoned on a planet and kept in a perpetual state of chaos and amnesia by The Brothers of the Serpent.”




NOTE: Although the best efforts of DEF Missionaires have produced a few successful rescues, as noted in the attached debrief, the DEF discovered that the following actions must be taken by an IS-BE, on their own volition, in order for any rescue assistance to be effective, as follows:


–  The first step is to discover that you are an IS-BE.

–  Next, discover that you are a prisoner  1) as an IS-BE in a biological body, and 2) as an inmate on a prison planet.

–  Remember that you came to Earth from another planet, galaxy or universe. (The exact origin point and date of arrival on Earth should be established precisely.)

–  Decide whether you want to escape from Earth, or remain imprisoned in perpetuity.

If you choose to escape from Earth, please continue reading the remainder of these materials. If not, any further assistance to you by The Domain is impossible.”


*  The star symbolizes the extraterrestrial power of the BOTS, who are the “gods” of Egypt and other ancient false facade civilizations.  Priests of various Earth religions unwittingly assist them to maintain control through superstition and lies hypnotically implanted in the human population by the BOTS operation.”


* “The notion that there is only “one” god, as in monotheism, or that there are only a few gods who are responsible for the creation and causation of universes, as in pantheism, is an attempt by an IS-BE to deny responsibility for oneself and for one’s own creations. Such denials do not alter the fundamental nature or ability of an IS-BE, and confirms that an IS-BE is the source of all perception. The philosophical premise of “Omnitheism” is defined as the observation that all IS-BEs are gods. There are as many “gods”, in number, quality and order of magnitude of power, as there are Immortal Spiritual Beings.”


I do hope this will intrigue!  Whether you accept these writings as Truth or not, from either perspective (fiction/non-fiction) it is a fascinating and amazing story/revelation!

No matter how we find our Freedom and Liberation from the revolving door and hypnotic cycle that brings us repeatedly back to Planet Earth, our Hope lies in what Spencer writes in the book’s dedication:

“May we all remember our true origins and recover the inherent spiritual abilities that are who we really are.”

…a toast to our Amazing Journey as we discover what Evolution truly means!




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