American Kabuki – Drake Update

Some of you out there may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting Drake updates.  I do like Drake’s passion and good intent (my discernment only).  But at a certain point, it seemed Drake was saying the same thing using new/different wording rather than actually providing updates.  I also am not comfortable passing along the idea that we will need militias – this can only be based on speculation that there will be a need to fear someone or something, requiring “rescue” and protection by an armed group of people.  I believe in Peace, in every Moment, on every scale.  I do think we will need courageous Souls to help maintain calm, very soon now… this may or may not include “militia” groups but must certainly include all of us to face every event with a Compassionate Calm and Courage toward all.

I’ve decided to post this update from Drake simply because it’s (finally!) coinciding with everything else I’ve been reading.



Ready, Set…

by Drake (as posted on the American Kabuki site)

Awright, HEADS UP!!!

I have been trying to let everyone know…everthing BE very CLOSE…Yes?

Well, guess what?

Da End Game IS at our doorstep…

We ALL need to complete our readiness/preparations…NOW.

All the things I have been expressing on the shows and our website are just about to START… Get that right, Start…

Anyone who needs to be talked to, do it now…

There will be several ‘notices’ coming from several places in order let everyone know what is going on and what to do.

We may NOT get to our Sunday show…IT is that close…think first of next week at the latest.

I have received intel from five of my contacts that stipulates that the ‘action’ is very close to taking place.

WHEN notification is to be made, I will be posting it on this page and our website.

Exciting as this is…each of our actions must show restraint, take it slow and easy. Do not lose your control or take extraordinary actions just yet.

Make sure you are in contact with the militia in your area, they will receive the ‘final’ instructions at the right time, and you will need to know that information.

Everyone should be careful and safe as this unfolds.




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