I received this post the other day and was excited to see that…well,…FINALLY!  So many intelligent Souls pretty much figured this out long ago.  And not only in our own country, but I have seen time and time again comments, articles, etc. from publications and readers around the World discussing the obvious machinations behind the tragic event of “9/11”.  I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist (though I admit to loving a good mystery!) but rather a “truther” and to me this is great news that the Truth will finally be put into the “mainstream” movie-viewing audience.

I think there can be no more question that something ‘big is happening’ as we now find ourselves in a time of many revealings and Truths emerging.  There are noteworthy events happening every day now and this is just going to accelerate faster and faster, as we always Intended.

As the days progress, let’s all remember to stay centered in our Hearts as we go forward, arm-in-arm with Courage, and help those around us to understand what is happening.  The time has come to hang on to our hats!



Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson To Star In 9/11 ‘Truther’ Film ‘September Morn’

The Huffington Post | By Cavan Sieczkowski Posted: 10/18/2012 7:09 pm EDT Updated: 10/19/2012 5:42 pm EDT

Sept. 11th was surely one of the most defining and poignant moments in American history. The events of that day have been rehashed in countless television specials and documentaries, but in 2013 audiences can expect something different. A 9/11 “truther” fim titled “September Morn” is set to hit theaters and it has two big Hollywood names at the helm.

Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson will star in the 9/11 truther flick, according to Yahoo! Movies. The film will focus on some of the theories presented by the truther movement, a coalition of individuals who believe that the mainstream media has deceived the public about what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

“September Morn” has been described in an advanced publicity note (via IMDb): “We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911. In the vein of ’12 Angry Men’ this dramatic piece is set with a stellar and award winning cast.”

In 2007, Sheen first expressed doubt over the true events of 9/11. “I did not want to believe that my government could possibly be involved in such a thing, I could not live in a country that I thought could do that – that would be the ultimate betrayal,” he said during a 2007 appearance at We Are Change L.A. “There have been so many revelations that now I have my doubts, and chief among them is Building 7 –- how did they rig that building so that it came down on the evening of the day?”

The actor was alerted to the “inconsistencies” in the collapse of 7 World Trade Center, the cornerstone of September 11th conspiracy theories, by his son Charlie, according to Yahoo!.

Harrelson and actor Ed Asner, who will also appear in the film, have aligned themselves with the truther movement as well, according to the Guardian.

Indie Wire reports that the 9/11 conspiracy film is set to be directed by BJ Davis, whose resume includes “Charlie Sheen’s Stunt Spectacular” and “Forget About It.” It will be produced by John D. Schofield.

The film will be shot in one location, similar to “12 Angry Men,” according to Indie Wire.

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this story, the title of the film was listed as “September Mourn.” It is actually called “September Morn.” Additionally, initial reports indicated that “September Morn” had originally been titled “Confessions Of A 9/11 Conspirator.” Howard Cohen, writer/producer of the film, contacted HuffPost to clarify that “Confessions” was a separate movie, unaffiliated with “September Morn,” and is now closed down.




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