Healing the Past

We are all experiencing deep changes in our Lives at this time.  Do you feel the shifting, deep inside of you?  Are you aware of the transformation occurring within you?  Collectively and individually, all of Humanity is entering a new Heart space.

For many, this is bringing up past grief, past guilt, past hurts, all experienced within the Heart.  Often these scenes from the past play in our minds during the most incongruous moments.  In the middle of a conversation with a friend or family member, do you find a memory bubbling to the surface of your mind of a past wrong someone “committed” against you?  In a Peaceful moment of observing Nature, does your mind replay the loss of an animal companion from years ago?  When chatting with a neighbor, does your mind remember an unkindness you directed toward another in the past?

Do any of these scenes that replay in your mind Heal you?  In watching them again, do you swim in the Emotion of the Heart?  Can you wonder if at some point you have become “addicted” to the memory and accompanying feelings?  Your ego will confront that pondering by telling you that to Heal this memory is “easier said than done.”  Is it truly?  Or is it easier done than continuing to relive it?

What would happen if you attempted to observe the memory playing in your mind from a space of detachment?  From a place of only Love?  Is it possible?

As Eckhart Tolle tells us “Your past is not you.”  The real You exists in the space of only this Moment.  Is your entire Being nothing more than a lifetime of hurts endured?  Is your entire Being nothing more than the “wrongs” you have done to others?  Is your entire Being nothing more than the grief you have felt?

We are so much more than these things.  You are so much more than your pain and guilt.  In fact, these feelings are illusions.  Do these repeated memories move you forward?  Do they still teach you about yourself or has the teachable moment already been experienced?  Have you received what you needed from that experience and memory?  If your answer is yes, than isn’t the “lesson” behind you?  Your ego will insist you must continue to re-live that Moment because there is more to learn.  Would you continue to attend a class repeatedly, hundreds or thousands of times if you acquired the Knowledge the first time around?

We have arrived in a time – as a Humanity and Collective Consciousness – when the Healing of the past is required to move forward.  We all feel the Heart’s momentum, barely held in check at Moments, to become our True selves.  The Heart’s True self, the Heart’s “new normal” is simply the Love and Joy singing in the Present Moment.

This week Honor the Moments where your past repeats a scene in your mind.  In those Moments, be in the space of the memory and Lovingly address it:

–  Ask yourself if the memory is contributing to the Present Moment.

–  Ask yourself if the accompanying emotion is authentic to the Present Moment.  Does it contribute positively to the feeling of the Present Moment?

–  In those Moments, when the feeling within the memory begins to seep in, can you be aware and simply stop the emotion from entering into your Heart?  Your ego will try to tell you this would betray your past and who you are.  Can you remember that You, in your Present Moment, are not your past?

– In that Moment, Honor that memory as simply an occurrence in your Life’s Journey, rather than a required re-experiencing of the Emotion.

–  Can you Honor that memory by no longer requiring it to live in your Now Moment?  Honor that Moment by rewriting the scene.  Envision in your mind that you take the memory by the hand.  See your Present self lead that past memory to a white shining door that says HEALED PAST EXPERIENCE.  As you reach to open this door, look at the memory next to you.  Smile at this memory and as you move it through the door say “I heal you.  Thank you for your Wisdom.  Go in Peace.”  Let go of its hand and wave good-bye as you gently and Lovingly close the door.  Now turn around and observe yourself back in the Present Moment.

The next step in discovering our Higher Consciousness together as the collective Heart of Humanity requires that we let go of the any past emotion contained within our individual stories and free up, once and for all, these spaces in our Hearts.

This week, practice Healing of your past when the opportunities arise.  Practice Being in only the Present Moment.  Remember that allowing the emotions from past memories to be part of the Present Moment does not assist your Heart in attaining its desired return to Love.  Remember that only your Ego, not your Soul, is requiring you to relive the past.  Remember that you will not betray yourself by giving the past its rightful place in the past, but rather you will experience the Present Moment and can begin to discover the Joy and Love that is waiting to be the new normal of your Heart.

The Present Moment is asking us all to Heal the past now.  This Moment is the only space in which you truly Exist.  Your Heart asks you now to be Healed.  Your Heart is ready for you to return and Be, Now.



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