Mayan Ac Tah – December 21st, 2012

This video came to my attention the other day.  It’s a 32-minute talk touching on the Mayan belief regarding December 2012, and specifically 12/21/12.  Thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to pass this on to you.  The presenter, Ac Tah, touches on the Energy activity behind the 12/21/12 Alignment and, I thought, explains this well.  He also offers a peek into what will be happening energetically from 12/20 through 12/22 and the importance of an 8-minute period in the middle of the day on 12/21.

In listening, I was taken back to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and my personal memories of how I spent that weekend.  At the time, of course, I was teased by some who believed the whole thing was hype and a little hippie-ish.  And I admit that, after the fact, I had days where I wondered if I had ‘fallen’ for something made up.  But then I would remember how that gathering felt to me: Loving, Peaceful, Joyful, adventerous and exciting.  If nothing else, I knew it was a fun weekend spent with others like me, United in Spirit.  Of course, with all that has passed since then, I have better understood the importance of that event on an Energetic level.

So how will we look back and remember December 2012?  Will you remember this time as just another holiday, just another December?  Will you remember this time as something profound and memorable?  Will this month signify our passing into a new Earth, a new Humanity and Higher Concsiousness?  Or will it simply signify the end of another year for you?

I’d love to hear from readers what this time, this month means for you.  For me, it will be a time of honing my meditation practices and embracing new levels of understanding, new levels of Consciousness.  And I hope, it will be a time of experiencing Awe and Wonder for all of us.

No matter what happens, I’m convinced that for each of us, it will be a time to remember!






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