Keep the Faith

We are now two weeks into the new year, and lo and behold, we survived 2012!  What were your expectations of 2012?  Did you prepare for the end of the World?  Did you prepare to experience in a grand manner the “Ascension” only to be left wondering what happened?  Many were anticipating a clear and powerful experience during December, whether it was 3 days of darkness bringing a new Paradise on Earth upon awakening on day 4, or your actual Ascension out of body with full cognizance of the experience, or getting beamed up to your Mothership.  So what happened?  There are many who found themselves in a state of uncertainty.  A state of questioning Faith.  A state of disappointment.

Many felt that, after the difficulties around the World in 2012, a grand event on December 21 was the least of what should have been our reward.  But can you truthfully say you were left empty-handed?  I think the important Blessing, Gift or Reward we received was in fact by way of experiencing disappointment.  Because the greatest Gift and most Joyous thing I received was the full understanding that all Truth lies within us.  Not in a message I’ve read, not from a Master I’ve taken Guidance from, not from a book meant to “prepare” me for an outward Grand event.  But Within me.  To suddenly Know with absolute clarity that our New World already exists inside of us.  And in that understanding I am left to look at what’s in my Heart.  From that perspective I realized what is within did Ascend, what is within is the Experience, what is within is the Grand Event.  For us to change the World in the way we Dream cannot be accomplished from without if we have not risen to a new understanding and a new, more elevated Consciousness Within.

So the gift that has been given with the end of this past year has been Ourselves.  Do you not feel something different inside of you?  Well, “Of course we’re different” you would say.  With all that happened in 2012, which seemed like one bad news story after another, of course we would change!  But look very specifically at how we’ve changed relative to all that occurred on our Planet.

The horrific things that have continued and happen anew in lands far away – Syrians continue to experience the murderous rampage of their leaders, the hate-filled Israeli/Palestinian feud goes on, the atrocities against women have become more public, corrupt governments continue to provide us with new fake drama each day, children being killed in greater numbers in so-called civilized countries.  How on Earth can we still have Hope about anything?  How can we possibly have attained a new Consciousness when everything we see seems to indicate we have de-volved, rather than Evolved?

It is through these very events that our Hearts have changed.  We have, as a collective Consciousness come together to say once and for all “This must stop. There is no more room for these things in our Hearts or on our Planet.  There is only room now for Love.”  And with that shift, we are now moving to change the World.  How long did it actually take for women in India to rise up and manifest protests all over the country, protests that gave voice to the Heart of the Feminine that said loud and clear “Enough is enough!”?  It was only a matter of days.  And this Courage can be seen everywhere in the World now, if one looks closely.

There is new Courage everywhere that creates transformations much more quickly now.  How long did it take for Americans to rise up and make first and foremost the issue of all the deaths that have occurred because of guns?  In the past, Americans have not wanted to address this too closely for fear of losing constitutional rights, but now – within days – we have caused this issue to take the place of front and center.  The new Love-based Consciousness has stated loudly and clearly, “Enough is enough!”

These responses to tragedy and sorrow may not be new, but the number of Souls that have joined these ranks is new.  We have never before been the majority voice speaking in the name of Humanity.  Now we are.  And when we come together as one, we speak very loudly!

So, as you look back at the previous year and it’s challenges, whether in your personal life or the bigger stage of the World, can you honestly say nothing has changed?  When you find you are responding with less anger and more focused attention and Love, can you not say this is a new level to which you have Ascended?  We have changed.  And something big did, in fact, happen with the closing of 2012.

As 2013 begins, we are different people.  We do not have new Hearts, but rather have finally found our Hearts.  We now realize we all hold a piece of the Divine Heart.  The Heart that is only Beneficence.

If you did not Ascend, as in traversing through physical “death,” then you must now realize you have Ascended through your Heart.  Clearly then, our Soul commitments continue.  We must finish what we came here to do.  We are very close now.  We must finish the outward Transformation of Earth and Humanity.  With this last leap in our Evolution we WILL wake up one morning to find we have created the New Earth we know is waiting to Manifest.  We long ago intended that it be so.  We only need to Embrace the Courage it requires now and persevere.  All that is left for us to do is arrive in each Glorious Moment.




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