Creative Brain Waves

A Journey Into Transitional Theta

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from Kai & Barra

The Earth has Ascended. So after 2012, you may ask – ‘What’s Next?” The answer is co creation. We are here to learn how to responsibly create. It is thru unified harmonic meditation into theta state that we will co create the Ascension of Humanity. With the discovery of brain waves came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain will shift according to one’s ‘mental’ activity. As a society we have focused on the ‘Beta’ state of alertness in 3-d-brain, and largely ignored the highly creative states of Theta and Delta which are the states of Divine Mind. Yet it is thru the Theta State that we open the Pineal & truly make inroads into our Divine Essence, and develop the ability to consciously create.

It is now the time for us to become conscious creators of our world, and become Spiritual Warriors, manifesting highest good. It is ‘What’s Next”.  It takes intent and action!!!

Beta Brainwave Frequencies: 13-40 Hz

Within this state we experience the predominant frequency of being fully awake and alert.

Alpha Brainwave Frequencies: 7-13 Hz

We start to encounter the wealth of effortless creativity flowing just beneath our conscious state. Awake but deeply relaxed.The alpha state is the first layer of our subconscious mind. A gateway to deeper states of awareness.

Theta Brainwave Frequencies: 4-7 Hz

Theta State is the first real entry into Divine Mind, the state in which ‘creation’ activity and vivid inspiration occurs. There are tools for entrainment…but all that is truly required is practice….intent followed by action. One can entrain the mind thru tools such as coherent ‘theta’ music and phi crystals to assist in entering this field. It take intent and effort. It is via theta that we open the pineal and create a world of highest good. The tones of Kai and Barra are exceptional coded frequencies to assist in developing entry to the ‘ Crystalline Transitional’ field of co creation.

Delta Brainwave Frequencies: 0-4 Hz

This state is the entrance to higher dimensions of reality.  It is entered via Deep Theta. It is the realm of multidimensional essence.

A Tonal Journey Into Transitional Theta- Kai & Barra

Ascension Codes – Kai & Barra

(full Ascension Codes recording are available for purchase)

Click here to listen to a sample of Ascension Codes:

Click here to listen to a sample from Kai:

Click here to listen to a sample of Barra:



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