Full Moon on Saturday, Jan 26 2013

Hello Everyone,

Our Solar System entered The Great Rift of the Galaxy – a canal of high-frequency spiritual energies – on December 21st, 2012, bringing Humanity through a gateway of profound evolutionary possibilities. It is up to each of us to allow the miracles that are more available now, than ever before.

Two blessed cycles that support Humanity’s wellbeing – Jupiter Sextile Uranus and Saturn Sextile Pluto – are active at this time. These powerful energies support and empower the structures and our commitments that involve compassion, healing and spirituality. Divine Inspiration is downloading into the Collective Consciousness (Jupiter Sextile Uranus) and is more available to us, when we open our eyes to see and our ears to hear. As Spiritual energy (Pluto) is being infused into matter (Saturn), miracles will happen.

An intense Full Moon (7 degrees & 24 minutes in the sign of Leo) occurs on Saturday, January 26th (at 8:38 pm Pacific Standard Time) that we may feel for several days before and after this date. This Full Moon punctuates the importance of this evolutionary time in history.

The Moon in Leo invites us to engage our playful, inner child and be more creative. There are favorable alignments between the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter; as well as the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter. Both of these alignments support emotional insights and creative resolutions to any problems we might have. The key is to open communication between our heart and our mind. Introspection and meditation will help this to happen.

Along with this Full Moon, we have a dynamic T-Square configuration (including the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Saturn). This configuration is a call for Mastery. It is urging us to use discernment when making decisions and to find balance and harmony in our approach to life. Remember to let your heart guide your actions, and your logical mind serve the decisions of the heart.

With this Full Moon, we also have A Finger of God /Yod configuration (involving Chiron, Pluto and Moon). This indicates out-of-synch experiences in our relationships with others that may be resolved through adjustments that nurture the wellbeing of all.

The activation point of this Finger of God is the Moon. This is where our focus of attention should be to initiate the potential benefits of this configuration. We activate the Moon energies when we nurture others and treat others as if they are a part of our heart family.

As we activate the potential of the Yod energies, the other two planets, Chiron and Pluto, will support deep healing for our emotional wounds.

Let’s be playful with one another and celebrate our Oneness.

In Light & Love,

Govinda & Janet


Email: Govinda@AstrologyWithGovinda.com

Website: http://www.astrologywithgovinda.com/

Phone: 208-448-2093



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