Lee Harris Energy Forecast – February 2013

Here is Lee’s new monthly forecast for February.  Last month he offered a forecast for the year of 2013, “Year of Community,” which I thought was pretty good.  That one resonated with many Souls in light of our increasing observances and witness to so many occurrences of just how beautifully we are all, everywhere in the World, coming together more and more as a natural response to a myriad of events.  I think we will see this year as the true manifestation of what it means for all of us to become a Humanity where our sense of Connectedness, Compassion and Love direct our actions and interactions more and more each day, with no thought.  We all understand this in our minds, but I see this becoming ‘second nature’ as an automatic response from the Heart as we continue to Evolve and the illusion of separateness from each other becomes dimmer and less real.  As we continue to respond to each other with a sense of community, the Divine Spark, the Light Within us shines brighter with each instance of Love and Compassion.  And our feelings of being separate from one another will be washed away a little more each time because of that Light.

So with that, here is Lee’s current monthly forecast.  I hope it provides you with exactly the pondering, guidance, and inspiration you may be looking for this month.  Enjoy!







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