Israel Loves Iran

I ran across this TED talk the other day and have just now given it a listen.  What a Beautiful campaign this is in the way it connects people of the World.  Many of us had been aware of this when it came out, however I had no idea how widespread it had blossomed!

This is a good reminder for us about the Power we truly hold in determining the direction of our World.  We must remember:  World leaders have always, are, and continue to operate within a theatre of events that we, the People of the World, simply do not play a part.  We too often look to these leaders to give us a sense of direction and a glimpse of what is really happening.  But it’s obviously an illusion, it’s not what is really happening.

Because we the People, clearly prefer and intend to Love each other, to make Peace that weaves through all cultures and countries.  “They” can continue to bombard us with the fear-mongering and inevitability of a looming battle, yet each time the Brothers and Sisters in Humanity respond with what is Divinely instilled in us and is simply second nature:  Love.

These are the great campaigns of Peace that can truly change the outcome of anything on our Planet.  This is a Beautiful example of how expressing Love and Kindness in one simple way quickly spreads to affect all it touches.  The direction of our Planet and Humanity is up to us, because after all, there are a lot more of us Loving each other than there are leaders threatening war!

When the Heart of Humanity speaks, nothing can be heard over the music of Love!




TED Talks – Israel and Iran – A Love Story?




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