Gaia Portal Update

Feb 23

The paradigm of “survival” has dissolved. Cosmic Light energies sufficiently permeating all levels of Gaia realms, including the 3D visible, have removed any remaining support structures for this paradigm.

3D human individual attempts to continue what was previously supported by “survival paradigm” will fall short.

Current Gaia Higher D grid structures support 5D “Thrive Paradigm” only.



2 comments on “Gaia Portal Update

  1. Susana, if you mean explain more about the post from Gaia Portal, I only know what is there. I haven’t been able to determine who these come from. I continue to post them because I find them uplifting and meaningful for myself and only hope someone else will find the same benefit from them. If you mean explain more about Ascension, well I can only offer what is happening for me – so many of us are experiencing ‘Ascension’ in different ways, at different paces. I think we did not see big events happen at the end of 2012 because the information we all read from many sources was meant to be understood as Ascension into higher dimensions, rather than a physical event. Though having said that, many have Ascended out of the body. I think it is absolutely possible you are going through changes, Ascending into a higher Consciousness, at your own pace, in your own way. By virtue of the fact that you are visiting sites such as this is a big clue for you – you are seeking, searching – and that in itself can be a clue that you are ‘moving’ and changing on higher levels. As a connected Humanity ascending together, I think “soon” is already here. Though many of us felt let down after 2012 because we expected clearer manifestations in the world that something happened, I have no doubt that major changes have happened within us individually and collectively. I also believe these changes will continue for years and generations, constantly bringing us each, and collectively, closer to our goals for a Beautiful new Earth through the Ascension. Don’t know if it will shed light on what you are seeking through your questions, but earlier I had also posted in “Odds and Ends” about “Ascension Symptoms.” Maybe those would help you or shed some light on whether you are achieving what you hope. Does this help? Also, I had not heard of Dr. Stancov, only know what I see when I search on the name. Context? Peace to you.

  2. Thanks. Please can you explain a bit more?. Do you know if finally we would ascend very soon, instead of what most of the light workers say after 2012,that would take years and even generations?.
    Is this possible even if I don´t feel anything different today?
    I would really appreciate some more info. Many thanks.
    Please,do you know Dr.Stancov?
    Do you think or know if we could Ascend soon?.

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