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These times of great change and chaos in the world, the energetic vibrational extremes, the self-evaluation so many of us are doing and the accompanying transformations inside of us are not always easy.  We are all good people, good Souls that have fluctuations of progress on our Journeys.  Sometimes we slip a little and observe ourselves thinking and behaving in ways we would like to believe are behind us.  But we must remember – often much to our dismay! – that we are, after all, still residing and inhabiting a space and physical vehicle that is based in a 3D reality.  Yes, we have begun to rise in Consciousness, to grow into the new Beings and Hearts we are meant to be, but clearly this will not happen in the blink of an eye.  We have begun to enter the Vibrational Energy of a 4D reality.  This is not being done in one great leap, but rather a traversing back and forth (or up and down and back up again) as our awareness is enhanced and our Beings becomes more comfortable with the new Energy.

These characteristics of our Journey upward can seep out into the ego-based, duality consciousness of the current World at large.  This can result in passionate emotions, responses, and judgments as we watch the changes going on around us.  The dramas playing out on the Planet can be difficult for us to separate from without judgment.  These Vibrational fluctuations can also be experienced in our more private and personal worlds with spouses/partners, family, and friends, also resulting in knee-jerk judgments and rash responses.

In order for us to find a smoother and less bumpy road to the new levels we’re Ascending to, I think there is one tool, made up of two words, that can assist greatly in keeping us aligned with the vision of how we want to experience this part of the Journey:  Kindness and Understanding.

When you read or listen to the news and current events of the day, can you observe these happenings from a base of Kindness and Understanding?  Can you begin to try on the role of Objective Observer of the players in the game?  We must remember that, no matter how strongly our convictions about situations or people have been, that we are all – even those powers in the world that seem “dark” or “evil” – pieces of God/Creator/Prime Source.  Like it or not, they too are accomplishing the role they volunteered to play.  Yes, it may be a very “dark”, cruel, “evil”, tyrannical, abusive, criminal, greed-driven role.  But when their Journey is done – however long that takes – they too, will return “Home” as a piece of the Divine.  No one would debate that current events and dramas playing out can, at moments, be painful, angering and sorrowful!  But it is now the time of letting go of the human ego-driven response from judgment, and become Kind and Understanding Observers of all aspects of our Beautiful World and all its people.

We have been asked on a Soul-level and have volunteered for this Lifetime on Earth to assist the greatest Transformation of Consciousness ever experienced by humans.  And if we allow ourselves to continue our participation in the dramas by way of judgment, anger, and unwillingness to see the bigger picture, then we are not providing the assistance we had intended to give.

These responses can also be experienced on a more personal level – “in our own backyard” so to speak.  Beginning at home, beginning with ourselves can be the strategy to creating a new “normal” response to the World at large.  Are we being Kind and Understanding with our spouses/partners, family, friends?  It’s easy to forget Kindness with those who seem so close and so merged with our own lives.  And it’s certainly easy to say things without thinking and have knee-jerk responses with those we are so close to.  One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou says:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And we must remember this, whether it’s responses to those who are close to us, or our loudly expressed opinions of people in the outer World.  We must remember that what we emit in Emotional Energy will travel out to affect another’s Heart, somewhere.  You may not be aware of the effect on another on the other side of the World or just down the block, but you will most definitely feel the affect of your response in your own Heart.  It would be a much more Joyful experience to feel the ripples in our own Hearts that come from Kindness and Understanding rather than judgment and animosity.

Our emotional Energy, our words will affect someone, somewhere.  And as we become more consciously aware of the effect we have on our inner and outer World with this energy, it will become easier and easier to respond automatically with only Kindness and Understanding.  And don’t forget to include yourself:  we too need our constant expression of Kindness and Understanding in every Moment.  As we shower more Kindness and Understanding on our own Journey and ourselves, we will find that, without even trying, this will encompass all the World’s other Beautiful Souls and Beings without even trying.

Let us all remember, in each Moment, no matter what else seems to be happening within ourselves or out in our World, the words of Ram Dass:

“We’re all just walking each other home.”



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