Remaining Aligned with Inner Truth

March 15, 2013

by Julie Redstone

Beloved Ones,

There is a need at this time to recognize the effect of energies that seek to separate those dedicated to God and light from an awareness of what is most real. These energies can cause what is most real and important to the self to be covered over and removed from one’s emotional awareness and even from one’s body awareness so that it becomes shadow-like, an idea scarcely remembered.

This fading out of what had great meaning and vitality is not nor should it be considered to be a personal lapse in attention or devotion to God. Rather, it is the effect of energies that have the capacity to cover over one’s feeling state which is intimately connected with one’s knowing. At times, one’s mental state can also be affected so that it is not only not possible to feel what is most true, but also to believe the ideas that one formerly held.

In the presence of such energetic occurrences, it is important to remember that the heart in its deeper layers cannot be affected by energies of separation. If one clings to the heart without knowing and without thinking, this fact can be made known. This is done by remembering love. What is most deeply loved will remain no matter what is going on with one’s feelings or thoughts. It will remain even if one cannot feel this layer of constancy.

Therefore, in these times it is most important to cling to love. When thoughts of spiritual reality seem dim, when praying seems difficult, when feeling joy, or trust, or hope seems like a challenge, cling to love. Love without reason. Love without words. Love with the knowledge that no matter what you feel, your soul is untroubled by the energies that are affecting mind and body. Love however you love with as much fullness of heart as you can, for it is the way through this time in which energies are covering truth.

As an aid to remaining centered in love, and only if it is possible, take the time to let go of all thinking and breathe into the heart, walk in the woods, look at the sky, and know that all that is most true is still within you, even if you cannot feel it.

Energies of separation can also be counteracted by remaining with others who are dedicated to the purposes of God and light, and not allowing oneself to become isolated even when isolation or withdrawal seem like the natural responses to what is being experienced. Allow yourself to remain joined with others in prayer, in meditation, in any way that allows you to feel any degree of connection with sacred purpose. The weekly One World Meditation ( is particularly suited to this goal, and it will help you stay anchored in spiritual light and truth. For those who feel capable of it, connecting with others through the newly available Phone Connection ( will also add an additional dimension through which light can travel.

This time is a precursor to the further expansion of light upon the Earth which is going to open new awarenesses for many and which no force of darkness can prevent from happening. Await this time with hope and with prayerful anticipation, for it is very close.

With all blessings and gratitude for your being here during this time of challenge and of great hope.



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