Full Moon for Wednesday, March 27

From Govinda Miller

Hello Everyone,

On Wednesday, March 27th [at 2:27 am (PDT)], there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Libra (at 6 degrees, 52 minutes). Everything is intensified for a few days before, after and during any Full Moon. Because this Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, there is a lot of energy being focused on all relationships, creativity, music, art, dance and so on. It is important to find balance with these areas of your life. You can do this by creating playtime for your inner child.

This Full Moon is intense and profound! This because it is shared with a T-Square and two interlacing Yod / Finger of God configurations – as shown in the chart in the diagram, below.

The T-Square configuration (shown in red, in the chart ) involves the Full Moon (in Libra) in an Opposition Aspect to a Stellium (a large Conjunction, including the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars – in the sign of Aries), all squaring Pluto (in Capricorn).

This T-Square brings up unresolved issues involving our relationships, basic emotional needs, individuality, freedom, power, sexuality, career and spirituality. You may be pushed to a ‘choice point’ in one or more of these areas. The choice is between your inner knowing (in your heart) vs. ‘what is’ in the world. It is very easy to get caught up in ‘what-is’. Television, newspapers, the internet postings, blogging and most conversations keep ‘what is’ alive and up front. By not giving your energy to ‘what is’ and, instead, putting your focus and strength on that which you want to create, you can make a positive change in your life experience. Let your heart be your guide, always and in all ways.

Along with the Full Moon, there are two Yod (aka ‘Finger of God’) Configurations that are interlaced with one another, creating two shared points involving the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

In the diagram: The first Yod is shown in purple [with Jupiter at the Finger of God activation point] and the second Yod is shown in blue[with Saturn at the Finger of God activation point].

These two planets are the keys to actualizing the potential of each of these Yods. When we hold and share positive philosophical points of view with our world and others, the Yod that has Jupiter at it’s FOG (Finger of God) activation point, promises us healing and miracle possibilities. [For more information:  http://www.astrologywithgovinda.com/articles.htm]. The Yod with Saturn at the FOG point brings inspiration, wisdom and empowerment, when we commit to our spirituality and/or create structures that support spirituality.

There is no better time than now to develop a Love Relationship with your soul. Meditation is a wonderful way to do this. Find a practice of meditation that works for you. Becoming still is difficult for almost everyone. Good results come in time, with persistent right practice. When you take the time to be still and meditate, you are signaling to your soul that you want to develop a relationship with it. Cultivating a relationship with your soul takes time and effort, like any good love relationship does. Doing this supports your inner peace.

May peace be with you.

In Appreciation & Love,

Govinda & Janet

Email: govinda@astrologywithgovinda.com

Website: http://www.astrologywithgovinda.com/


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