Quantum Awakening

through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you strive to become more and to better yourself, you often end up cutting off your own nose to spite your fate and in spite of yourself. You seem to often fracture yourself in expansion as you proclaim your grandness, and your rightness of self.

Know that what you forfeit others, you forfeit self, that what you take from others you take from self. Know that what you keep at bay, you end up drowning in. And remember that as you snag what you hunt, what you hunt can also snag you.

As you all stretch yourselves, be aware that the stretching can cause a bounce and a reverberation that can shake your very world. Walk into this next level of thought and manifestations carefully. Do it with intent-full-ness of Light, and do it from the One Heart. Look deep within your own self for what you seek externally in the words, the deeds, and the doings of others.

Anchor your own Light, your own heart and soul yearnings in a place that you will not run aground. The next leap for mankind will be invisible.

In most cultures, masters of wisdom assist each other. They know that by assisting another into more knowledge that they also lift themselves into another level of truth and then all of the world will benefit. The masters have no need for competition or pettiness amongst themselves. They honor each other’s unique wisdom and abilities. They lift each other into more God.

This very intense year is not a time of ‘Competing.’ Rein in what does not serve you. Pack it up, Seal it, and bury it in a place that you once lived, but no longer reside. You all intuitively know the doorway that you are to knock upon. The energy of the future is shared in single file you cannot piggy back upon another’s frequency. Allow your own learning’s to unfold and to envelop you in a cocoon of your own preparation and vibration.

Each new level of initiation comes personalized. Do not place the picture of your life next to the picture of another’s life for the lines and the pixels will not meet or match. Your trail may be somewhat parallel to another’s, but it cannot ever be the same. The Universe has no need to duplicate its learning’s or its experiences; all are singular and unique to its creations. Every person on Planet Earth has a different thought within the same sentence of God. Your music will never sound the same as another’s no matter what instrument you play.

Everyone has the ability to take a word, a thought, a sentence, and fine line it into their own unique energy signature. The vibration of every thought and word on earth consists of at least 6 billion plus different interpretations, always equal to the number of people on Earth. This is how many individualized patterns of God exist just on one planet.

Take all of the events of your life and your experiences and breathe your life force into them. Breathe your signature, your unique energy, your sound, and your color into every portion of your life. Do not try to change yourself by mimicking others. For you will never fit into their blueprint.




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