Gaia Portal Update

Current “Difficulties” and the “No Escape” Paradigm…

Apr 9

“Difficulties”, as some term “events not in alignment with individual-desire-perceived pathways”, are being exposed via the enlarged Gaia Portal Light Grid complex. This Grid “complex” is a combination of several multi-dimensional Grids, emplaced* so as to allow the “no escape” paradigm to be maintained at the forefront of individual awareness.

All humans, as well as Hue-persons, are living within this “no escape” paradigm, at this now moment in time.

Those with awareness of the current “no escape” paradigm will understand the purpose of “difficulties” now presenting within energy spaces.

Embracing the “difficulties”, releasing the “desire bases”**, and allowing solutions to enter via Higher Mind, will allow smoother passage through these now moments.

[* ÉirePort note: click for definition of emplaced]

[** ÉirePort note: “bases” = plural of “basis”]


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