Identifying With and Being Who We Really Are

UNIFY – Earth Day – Global Flash Mob

Tomorrow, a wave of flashmobs will sweep across the world in celebration of Earth Day. People will be practicing yoga, dancing, and meditating in gratitude for the living planet that nourishes each and every one of us, every day. There are 54 events registered and you can find or start one in your city at

Even if you don’t go to an event, join us from wherever you are, even if it is just for a moment, and feel the gratitude for our planet. It is time to Unify for the betterment of everyone and everything on Earth. Everyone, Everywhere, Together – UNIFY!

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Reminder for this next Sunday’s global meditation…


Here is the 16th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses, please click HERE – and bookmark it to access every week the meditation themes for the following weeks and months.

Week # 16: Identifying With and Being Who We Really Are

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One of the most difficult shifts in perception to make, and clearly the most central one we all need to achieve, is realizing our True Nature as creations of the Almighty Creator of all universes. This shift in perception can be grasped through incremental appraisal of just Who we are, why we are here and what our ultimate Destiny is, but it can really happen only when we let go of all pretense of knowing and understanding something, anything about us, and simply accepting to feel/sense ourselves as One Indivisible Whole whose entire expression can never be fully manifested through any single entity, but whose real nature and unfathomable potency can be experienced through each and every one of our waking and sleeping moments.

As we gradually work our way toward Unity Consciousness and healing/balancing of our polarities, we may touch on this essential conundrum of Life’s experience through a fragmented sense of self, most entirely disconnected from any inner knowledge of just Who we are.

Like the eye that cannot see itself, we are almost unable by design, and because of the enticing attractions of the seeming reality created through our five physical senses and through the disempowering mass hypnosis that human cultures are so good at creating, to see ourselves as the perfect expression and virtual extension of the Universal Creator that we each are. Yet, despite all that makes it so hard to disengage from the fallacy of limitations of any kind and to rise above the numbing routine of our day to day struggle to ‘make a living’ in the crushing social and cultural matrix we accept as our prison, it is possible, if only for some fleeting but utterly blissful moments, to go beyond all restrictive self-perceptions and just Be Who we are.

Perhaps the first step in attaining this state of Omniversal Oneness is to simply open our heart and mind to the possibility that we each are far more than what we have been led to believe. Allowing ourselves to express without any doubt nor hesitation the thought ‘I Am God’, or some similar expression of the Absolute, and letting grow within us the remembrance and echoes of all that we have experienced and known before, can be a stepping stone to access to this Place of Bliss where we truly understand the meaning of the realization that there is nothing to do but to Be.

So, whenever you feel prompted to do so during a meditation, and especially next Sunday at the usual time, give your Self an opportunity to exponentially realize the utterly amazing fact that you and the Almighty are One, let go of any sense of limitation, accept your divine nature and enter the Sphere of Bliss that permanently encompasses all those who made the conscious decision to Be All That Is. In so doing and being, you will cocreate an unstoppable Force for Good, Peace, Love and Harmony that will render harmless any plan devised to create disunity, hatred and war, and contribute to create a New Shining Reality on Earth, for the Highest Good of All.

* * * * * * *

Recommended complementary material…

“It nearly is always the long term, more arduous path that offers the best chances of success, provided its premises, definition and implementation are not merely in response/reaction to what is currently wrong but incorporate a significant measure of intuitive, soul-prompted, almost visionary inspiration – what is often called the “vision thing” – coming from the higher aspects of the immortal being we all are. Often the individual working through such an intuitively-driven approach to problem-solving will not readily have a clear picture in mind of where all the pieces fits, where the needed assistance is going to come from and how the means to implement the guiding vision will be found. Yet the ultimate success of such a long term endeavor for a better world for all Life rests with a peculiar kind of inner trust – some would call it faith – from which the awakened initiate will spontaneously “know/sense” when an intuition is right on and perfectly in synch with the Greater Plan of the Universal One Who masterfully directs the Grand Symphony of Life based on the perfect, all-encompassing music-soul score we all cocreate as we go. And as long as one feels his/her way ahead, one step at a time, in cocreative reliance onto the inner guidance and in one’s own unique abilities to manifest whatever is necessary in due time, then everything will turn out all right at the “end” of this cycle of earthly experiences. In short, what I mean is if we think like a soul, instead of just as a limited human being, then we will most simply be in perfect synchronicity, in every unfolding moment, with what is to be done, said, written and ultimately accomplished without having really to be in the “do-this-do-that” rush, rush, anxiety-driven mode presiding over the actions of so many humans disconnected from their divine unity with All That Is. Or said otherwise… There is nothing to do but to be!   – Taken from HERE

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For more information, and to access the French, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian versions, please review the material posted by the Global Meditation Focus Group at


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