Full Moon – April 25, 2013

Full Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio

5 degrees, 45 minutes in the sign of Scorpio
Thursday, April 25, 2013
12:57 pm (PDT)

This Full Moon, in the sign of Scorpio, brings intense sensuality, sexuality, depth of feeling and passion.  Ask yourself, “Where is my passion?”  Ignite it, follow it, live it, BE it!  We have the power of the Eclipse behind this Full Moon, expanding and enhancing all of this intense energy.

Three Eclipses in a Row!

Between April 25th and May 25th, there will be three Eclipses – a rare celestial occurrence.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the first of the three.  The next eclipse is a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon (19 degrees, 31 minutes Taurus) on May 9th; and the third is a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon (4 degrees, 8 minutes Sagittarius) on May 24th.

As many of you may already know, the period between eclipses is a powerful time of manifestation.  During the next four weeks, be especially aware of where you are putting your focus of attention.

“No longer lend your voice to that which you wish to be free from.”  ~ Jewel  ~

Watch your words and thoughts.  Speak only from Love.  Manage your energy. This is a moment-by-moment choice.  This is how to ‘live consciously’.

The energy of an eclipse is repeated every 19 years, and may bring something significant back into your life for review or mastery.  For insights into this, look at any planet in your natal chart that is within 3 degrees of that particular eclipse.  Since this eclipse is at 5 degrees, you would look at any planet, in your chart that is between 2 – 8 degrees.  This planet is a key to that past experience.  The energy of this particular planet provides a clue for you.  For example:  If the planet is Saturn, that could involve something to do with authority, structure, career, commitments and so on.

During this Full Moon Eclipse, Saturn is in an opposition with the Sun, Mars and Venus.  This is a time of possible conflicts in points-of-view, when you will be more aware of differences in values, principles, desires and ways of using authority, power, passion and sexuality.  Take this opportunity to look at your own commitments and structures, and ask yourself if these are in alignment with your Higher Truth. Unconscious programs that are no longer serving your joy, may come up for you to heal. You may be ready to make a change because of your own personal maturity.

You may have issues come up around authority, control and power.

“When it comes to matters of authority, remember: It is better to be your own authority than to follow the crowd, wherever that crowd is being led. Within you is all the insight you ever need to reach wise decisions about every challenge that you ever face. No one on the planet knows more than you about your needs, your situation and your potential to find joy in all of the aspects of your life.  Basically, it all comes down to these four words:  Be your own authority.” ~ Owen Waters ~

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.” ~ Gautama Buddha ~

At this same time, Neptune is forming a trine to the Moon and Saturn.  This offers insights into complex issues involving our emotional natures, our family dynamics and how they affect our spiritual journeys.  Pay attention to your dreams and spiritual guidance.  The message within the dream may take some time to reveal itself.  Journaling will help you to recognize the meaning of it’s insight, when the time is right.   Spiritual Guidance comes to us in many shapes and forms. When you surrender and allow this guidance, the synchronicity in your life will take off.  Be open and receptive to miracles.

Neptune trine Saturn is a positive celestial cycle that will continue its influence for all of Humanity from March 31st thru September 24th, 2013.  This is a time when Divine Feminine energy naturally infuses into structures that support the creation of idealistic, compassionate and altruistic expressions for Humanity and the highest good of all.

It is also a special time to give more focus to your personal spiritual journey through some form of discipline – e.g. meditation and/or compassionate service.

Everything continues to be influenced by the energies of the Spiritual Gateway that was opened December 21, 2012.  Since this was a planetary shift, EVERYONE is being affected by this profound energy.  No one is exempt!

What an amazing journey we are all on!

In Appreciation & Love,

Govinda & Janet




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