Quantum Awakening

from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are reformatted into a higher awareness. All of this cosmic resculpting has had a lot of wear and tear on the body. We are all looking like the scarecrow on a windy ‘wizard of oz ‘ day, strewn about, a little here a little there. like a 1000 piece puzzle we seek to see the new us, but  alas the puzzle box has no picture to help us find our pieces.

We are in the middle of 3 eclipses, a meteor shower, several sunspots, a coronal mass ejection and God only knows what else. We are at the place of 30 days of dispensations (special considerations and blessings)  from the Christ and Buddha making this a 30 day Wesak celebration

The command is ‘change or get caught up in the whirlwind of cosmic shift.’ Humanity is no longer driving the cosmic car thru the heavenly configurations. We stand on the edge of the future, scraping ourselves from the past like barnacles on a boat in the shipyard.


The Councils of Light

through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come though the nuances of your thoughts The space in-between this moment and the next. We issue ourselves to you as a fabric of light that becomes as skin.

The physical body is now in the process of creating a stream of particles that will serve as a Teflon coating for the physical body. This coating has been birthed through a singular cell that is inherent within the encoding of all human  DNA. This single-celled multi-universe divides and births, thus presenting you with a luminescent undercoating/over-coating.  This coating holds within it an antibiotic masterpiece that holds germs at bay.

You have recently opened neural pathways within your heart. These pathways re-introduce you to a sea of thinking that lives dormant within your being. Any time that you feel under attack, whether misdirected anger/ others thoughts, a germ, a government, etc. You have defense mechanisms set in place.

It does not matter if it is a weather pattern, a radar frequency, microwaves from a cell tower or a next door neighbor, You are not on this earth to absorb the negativities of those that do not understand the power of collective consciousness. You have a divine right to create a higher vibration to keep such events from entering and upsetting your peace of mind  and peace of heart.

When you are driving through  powerful  weather patterns focus on the thought of a beautiful clear day. cover yourself with a cosmic created umbrella repelling the disruptive weather pattern.

Your body is a biological laboratory that is awaiting your instructions and your directions on how to create. The universal Teflon coating is just the first in a series of new protections. Once this thought is anchored on earth, it will become commonplace, and then it will be birthed.  You each are gateways, vortexes and doorways that shift the vibration and the frequency of earth. You must be most careful in your verbalization for you are no longer Gods in swaddling clothes.

Use the inherent cosmic divine conclusion, which lives, within every cell, As you learn to become fluid. Blend yourself with a star.  You are on the threshold of  many truths when you learn to become nameless in form and formless in name. If you were God for a day, what would you do?





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