The Magic of Now: Start Here, Start Now

by Vedam Clementi

No matter what you have been through, it is time to take your life back, and create the life you wish to live! It is time to stop making excuses, and defending your limitations. It is time to accept your past, no matter what happened in the past; leave that past in the past, and become rooted in the only moment that counts…the eternal moment of NOW! Now is where the magic is. Now is where it all begins. Stop telling your story of why this or that cannot happen, or cannot be. Rather than using your energy to re-tell your story repeatedly, use your energy more productively. Begin to practice Awareness in the magical moment of Now, and begin to use the alchemy that lives in each precious moment of Now. Again, Now is where the magic lives!

In this day and time, we have all become accustomed to the idea of multitasking, but in reality, the mind can truly only do one thing at a time. You cannot remain focused on the past and truly live in the present moment. You cannot continue to re-tell your stories of the past and simultaneously plant the seeds for tomorrow. Sure, we have all been through troubling times. We have all had experiences that have left their scars and battle wounds. We have all had situations that have knocked us off course, but it is time to leave that in the past and start here, right here, right NOW!

Begin by accepting your past, and begin to accept your part that you played in the creation of that past. Not from the place of judgment or blame; for that is not true, unconditional acceptance. Begin to accept that your past brought you to this moment of Now, and Now is the place you are beginning. Now, you begin to use what you have in front of you. Now, you begin to be grateful for what is in front of you. And…Now, you begin to plant the seeds of your desires. Now, you nurture those seeds as they grow into fruition. Life is alive; it is pulsating, expanding, exploding with creative life force, and it wants to support you to have everything you desire. This creative life force works through you. You are the one that has to harness it, rein it in, direct it, and be aware of how it works. Some things take longer than others to come to fruition. Some things take longer to produce their fruit; that is only natural and normal. This is why you must learn to practice being present while your desires are producing their fruits. Often, many lose their awareness during that gestation period and begin to refocus on the past or judge the ‘waiting time’ as taking too long, etc. Remember, the magic is in the NOW!

Recently, a client called me while in the throes of what she considered a difficult time. She thought she was in acceptance because she could honestly say, “It is what it is!” She could not see her judgment of the situation. Finally, with enough coaching, she was able to see that her expectations were different from ‘what was.’ Because her expectations did not match her desire in the moment, she had unconsciously called ‘what is’ a problem! We have to begin to realize that in life there are certain cycles, phases, specific situations that do occur during the unfolding process, and judging something while it is in process affects the whole cycle.

When you are in judgment of any kind, you are not in your NOW. When you are labeling something as a problem, or you wish it were different, you are not in your NOW. In those moments, you have lost the magic that lives in the precious moment of NOW. It is not that the magic isn’t working correctly, nor is it that the magic isn’t working for you; it is that you have stepped away from magical moment of NOW. Get back into the Now by accepting what is, and you will see the magic is still alive and well.

In one moment, you are looking backwards, and another moment, you are looking ahead, but what about your NOW? Now is where it is all happening. So, if your life has not been what you think it should have been, or you see it heading somewhere you do not want to be, it is time to practice presence with what is in front of you. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Acceptance and gratitude are two keys that will unlock just about anything. Acceptance and gratitude transform your outlook. Change your outlook and your world will change.

Watch all judgments: the obvious ones and the more obscure ones; for both take you out of your Now. Also do not judge something while it is in process. Judging something while it is in process negates the whole process.

Drop the blame game of why your life is not where you want it to be. Sure, things happen; things knock us off balance, and sometimes even off course; however, you can get centered or back on course in any moment of NOW that you wish to jump on-board.

Last but not least, remember, the magic is in the NOW. All answers come in the Now, all solutions happen in the Now, peace lives in the Now, and the only moment that truly matters is the Now. The only moment that you have any affect on is the Now. The past cannot be changed, and the future is not here yet; therefore, the only thing you can do about the future in the present moment of Now, is nurture your garden of Now.

So maybe your life is not where you would like it to be, start here, start NOW…that is where the magic is!


Vedam Clementi is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Author, and Lecturer. A full recovery from paralysis using spiritual concepts, meditation, and natural healthcare led to Vedam’s spiritual awakening and desire to share what he has learned. Vedam has taught fellow souls for over a decade to leave the past behind, plant seeds for their desired tomorrow, and to be present in each moment as they move through life. Vedam has a unique way of uniting psychological and spiritual tools that support the individual to relate to themselves, others, and life in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically. and on Facebook




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