Inner Whispers

Message from Veronica, May 16, 2013

through April Crawford


“In the linear life many obstacles occur to diminish the quality of experience that most aspire to.  Out of ignorance or lack of focus that which we most wish to occur does not or becomes somewhat  elusive in its blending into our lives.

The decision to be happy occurs at many levels.  An abrupt close to the surface one [i.e., a decision to be happy] usually results in failure because of the lack of introspection involved.  Happiness is not something that is available upon a whim.  It is a thought process that begins internally at an unconscious level triggered by an emotional desire in the conscious level.

In many cases the definition of happiness currently employed by your psyche is inaccurate and delusional.  It is important to understand that the decision to be happy consciously also embraces the idea well beneath the conscious level.

The layers of drama associated with your current life often blur the true seed of happiness within yourself.

Again, finding happiness does come with the decision to be so.  Often it is not what you thought it would be at all.  We suggest that if you find yourself forever out of touch with happiness that you stop whatever pattern you are creating and be still for a moment.  Simply by stopping the flow of energy there will be a moment of clarity where the fog will lift.

Your energy always has the focus of happiness at hand.  One simply has to be truthful about the definition of that happiness.  Allow your soul to emerge to the surface of this current linear life.  If nothing else is working what is there to lose besides the abundant unhappiness that you are currently experiencing?”




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