Monsanto and the Law: Action Needed

A Note of Urgency

from Ingrid Naiman, posted May 21

As most of you realize, Monsanto has a larger than life profile globally. It bankrolls countless politicians in innumerable countries and has bought its way to the highest positions in Washington, D.C. However, there is a backlash, and it may finally be possible to create some checks and balances that will protect consumers, the ecosystem, and maybe, maybe the integrity of government.

Monsanto is headquartered in Missouri and Sen. Roy Blunt of that state was behind the Monsanto Protection Act, a rider to the legislation that allowed the government to continue operating despite having allegedly run out of funds. Now, Sen. Jeff Merkely of Oregon has submitted an amendment to the Farm Bill that would repeal the protection that was railroaded through (without scrutiny).

This is a momentous occasion because without repeal, Monsanto would continue to have carte blanche to operate outside the law regardless of the consequences to our health and the health of the other kingdoms of Nature.

Basically, you need to contact your senators and ask them to support Sen. Merkely’s amendment, and you need to do this asap.

There is a lot more in the air.

Sen. Jon Tester of Montana has introduced an amendment that would support traditional agriculture, as in agriculture prior to genetic modification and seed patenting. You need to take a few minutes to phone the Senate at (202) 224-3121. You will be connected to your senator’s office and if enough people call, they will listen.

The march against Monsanto is scheduled for May 25th and is a global endeavor.

Dr. Vandana Shiva speaks here:

I will keep this short today and hopefully you will tweet this all over the web and our voices will be heard.

Many blessings,




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