Gaia Energy Message


As readers may have noticed, I haven’t been around for the last week or so.  Much has been happening and I know this has not been limited to my journey – many Souls now are going through intense and amazing changes and transformations.  I will get back to posting and writing again as I find a nice balance between the blog and the events on my journey.

Upon my return I discovered I’ve missed several of the Gaia Energy Messages, so beginning with this one, I will get these posted and caught up for you.

I hope all of you are discovering and experiencing wonderful things through this phase of our Evolution, and that these experiences are bringing you Joy.  This period is our time to meet ourselves again, remember our true passions, and release the authentic and Powerful Spirit inside of you that awaits its liberation!

I wish all of you smiles for your Hearts and ease of movement on your Journeys!



Sonic Streamers of Higher Energetics Make Themselves Known…

May 30

Sonic streamers of Higher Energetics make themselves known to those with Higher Aural awareness. Such Sonics are means of connecting with the complete Hue-man, and are balanced with the Higher Visual and other Higher Senses.

Powerful Sonics currently are being projected through multiple layers of Gaia consciousness, and particularly are designed to eliminate shadow-intentions. Those attempting to maintain shadow-status-quo find the Higher Sonics particularly “annoying”, and rapidly surrender all further attempts at such.

Those Hue-Beings aligned with Higher D frequencies’ intention may hear some “unheard before” tones, however, these pass quickly as alignment with Higher Mind is refined.



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