Lee Harris Energy Forecast

Here is this month’s Energy Forecast from Lee.

One of the things I enjoy about these monthly forecasts is looking back over the past month to observe the Energy of the previous month, within myself and the life shifts outside of myself.  Often, in that hindsight perspective, I notice the Energy in my Life coinciding with many pieces of the previous month’s message.  Of course, the Energy shiftings we are all experiencing now in our rising toward Higher Vibrational reality, do not follow any kind of a 30-day cycle or happen simultaneously with each other!  Each of us accomplishes our personal transformations and shiftings, and the opening to/of our Hearts, by following our individual Journey timelines.  I believe herein lies the Beauty and awesome Divine Nature of this ‘Ascension’ process we are all following:  that in order for all of us to meet finally in the inevitable truth of our Consciousness where we are Absolute Oneness with all – including each other – we are required to make this Journey using our own steps, following our individual timelines, and honoring the guidance of our own Hearts.  Each of us may feel at moments, that our Journey is very personal and yet, we are ultimately doing this together.

For me, this Energy Forecast for June, is offering encouragement to continue forward with this part of my Journey which is going Within.  I believe we are now at the step in this Evolution where we are being called to truly enter Within ourselves.  Find the answers we need Within.  Discover the wonders of our True Spirit, Within.  Now is the time to know ourselves fully.  Our shadows and our Light.  To part ways with our pasts and become the Beings we truly are meant to be.  And in this process Embrace an Authentic Love of ourselves.  That Self-Love will be the Bridge that takes us to an Absolute Knowing of our Unconditional Love for and Oneness with each other.

This message also validated for me (though remember – you do not need validation from another to know if your Journey is on course) the experience I’ve started having with memories of the past:  the more difficult memories no longer seem to carry the emotional response in my body that they used to; and they even seem as though there is a haze or blur over the memory images.  Maybe it’s just age!  But I don’t really think so!  I feel like the difficult periods of my life are transforming through my willingness to Bless them and put them at rest.

Please feel free to share the amazing moments of your experience in the Comments section.  What are your experiences?  What does the experience of your personal Journey and shiftings feel like?  What things are you discovering along the way?  I would love to hear your stories and experiences!

The link at the end to Lee Harris’ blog also provides a transcript of the video for those who prefer reading.

Enjoy this month’s forecast and go forward Embracing – in all its fullness – the magnificent Being you are Becoming!




Energy Forecast for June 2013 – “The Higher Self Elevator”






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