Tale of a Blue Land Crab

Throughout my Journey this time around, I have been blessed to live in several different locations around the U.S.  Each time, I experience the child in me surface, ready to discover the new wonders of Nature that our Beautiful Mother Earth sustains in the region.

For the last couple of years I’ve made my home in the Florida Keys, surrounded by so many new wonders and creatures:  Pelicans, Snow Cranes, Iguanas of all colors and sizes, Dolphins, Manatees, Alligators, even Raccoons, and of course Crabs!

About three weeks ago, I discovered we had a new resident on the property – A Blue Land Crab (among other names).  At first, it was difficult to observe her since she was very skittish at the slightest movement from us.  But as time went on, she began to realize we would not be a threat to her.  So days continued passing as we enjoyed the Gift of being part of her little Life.  As I constantly attempted to communicate and connect with her, she began to share more of her everyday life.  We watched as she fed on bugs and bits of plant, redecorated her “front yard” at the opening to her burrow, and lived wholly/holy.

I had been meaning for days to take time to research and learn more about her existence.  Finally, yesterday I did just that.  I got my question answered on the mystery of her gender, learned all about her life cycles, etc.  One of the fascinating things about crabs is how they grow inside their shells.  Crabs do not have just one shell their entire life:  as they get bigger and need more room inside of it, they molt – or “drop” – the old one when a new one is ready for them.  The new exoskeleton forms inside of the one to be shed and when it is ready, they prepare to go through the next amazing life cycle.  In order to do this safely during this very vulnerable time of life, they will barricade the opening of their tunnel-home so as to be less accessible to any predators.  Then the old shell will begin cracking and coming apart until the last of it drops off.  It only – Miraculously! – takes a matter of hours for the new shell to harden, but requires a vulnerable period until they can safely re-emerge.

As she listened to her little body, connecting with the Vibration of Life, instinctually knowing what to do next, her very focused work began.  If I had not done my homework yesterday, I wouldn’t have understood what I had the Blessing of being witness to last evening.  Beautiful synchronicity!

Last evening I watched the process of her diligent work:  Using her claws to dig, and dig until, loosening a good “armful” of dirt, scoop as much as she could between her claws, pulling it close, hugging it to her body, and then with a couple very crab-like sidesteps into the opening of her burrow, dropped it.  She then raised her large right claw, turning it sideways, and lovingly began tamping down what she had placed there.  When it met to her satisfaction, the process began again.  Sidestepping back out, digging, scooping and hugging, dropping and tamping.  By time I came back inside, it seemed she had finished her work.  Unless you already knew she had made her tunnel-home there, you would never know passing by that she was under there beginning an amazing Life cycle.  She had even, somehow, finished it off by placing a large leaf over any sign of the work just completed.  Upon my morning arrival outside to greet the Earth for today, her home had become completely invisible!  She clearly had continued working, sealing up the opening, and in a natural looking way, stacked an entire small pile of leaves on top as the final barrier to her home!

Why have I shared this story with you?  Because of the message I clearly saw in this Miracle of Nature and how we as Lightworkers, Warriors and Divine Beings could gain a reminder from this.

Now is our time to go inward, Connect fully with the Truths within, Embrace the Life Cycle/Vibration in this next important process of our Evolution.

To balance between the Honoring and melding of fully (finally) Knowing ourselves and who we really are in this Beautiful Cosmos, while holding the calm and Understanding through what is happening now in our outer World.  To send our Compassion, Love and Strength out to all our Brothers and Sisters everywhere and to the very Heart of our Beautiful Mother, helping all of us through the events occurring around the Planet and the Truths emerging.  We are the young and old, from all walks of Life, from all regions of Gaia, who are at the threshold of the next step up in Humanity’s Evolution.

It is our time to Balance the offering of this Energy with the Inner Journey now, the burrowing into the very core of Hearts, discovering what is waiting to finally emerge Within us.  And to take the last step by way of this Inner Loving Journey of shedding the constricting shell of duality once and for all.  It has been cracking for a while and it is about to drop away now.  We have outgrown the need to live inside the Vibrations of the past.  And as each of us completes our solitary time inside of ourselves, we will emerge from the burrows of our Hearts bigger, more powerful, stronger, ready for the next Evolutionary cycle that is beginning before our very eyes.

As each event happens, as each new “breaking news” item is brought to us, see the incredible Beauty in these events.  See these necessary and required steps for what they are:  the next cycle in our Journey together that forevermore, will now release and Liberate us from the captivity of the Energies that have made this place a prison planet for so many centuries.  Emerge from your vulnerable time Within, dressed in your new armor – Truth, Justice, Courage, Strength and the Self-Love to live wholly/holy.

Reject the fear if it arises.  Honor the process of the system dismantling – Within and Without.  Don’t run from it, but while rejecting any fear, rejoice and feel celebratory for this time in our Universe that never before has and never again will happen!  Be witness to it.

Take just a Moment or two, right now.  Close your eyes, Embrace what this moment in time really means for Earth, our Galaxy and our Universe.  We are being observed in Awe.  We are being Celebrated in the skies and heavens.  We have arrived at the Moment when our immersion in this grand happening is complete.  Feel the Truth of this Miracle Moment in all the Cosmos.  See and feel, through the Vibration of your Divine Power and Humility that we really… are… The Ones that we, our Mother Earth and Our Universe, have been waiting for.

I think I may have a little party when the time arrives to witness “Crabella” in all her new Beauty and Awesomeness, emerging as a new Being, more Sacred and Powerful than the last.

And I have already begun a little “party” and celebrating for my own Emergence from within, into a new Being, entering a New World.

Do the same for yourself.  Emerge anew into this new Sacred Light of day.  It is time.



Little “Crabella’s” Invisible Home




Snow Crane




African Rainbow Lizard



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