URGENT – A Call for Help from All Empowered Souls

As many are aware now, the horrible fires in Colorado just continue to spread and put more people and animals at risk as the days go on.  And we know this is not from any lack of effort or resources – the courageous and noble firefighters are working round the clock, risking their own lives as they endeavor to contain them.  In order to keep the communities, good people, pet companions and wildlife safe from harm, these heroes with big hearts put themselves at risk day after day, exhausted, without hesitation.

I would like to propose and invite everyone out there to help them and the state of Colorado.  It isn’t much at all I’m asking of us.  No money.  No traveling.  No need to even leave your home.  Just 30 minutes of your time.

We know that we can do anything with our Hearts and Intent.  We know we can accomplish anything by simply focusing our Thought Power.  And we know, if we choose to try, we can assist greatly in decreasing and eliminating this danger for Coloradans.   A simple meditative few minutes, whether in a solitary space or a Loving group, is what I’m asking all of us to give, and focus on this at a specific time.  Together, en masse, we can create and manifest an end to the danger.

(For those who are unsure or feel any doubt, here’s an example of what can be accomplished:

Many years ago, when Art Bell still had his radio show, there were raging fires occurring in the state of Florida.  One evening on his show, he asked everyone to try an “experiment.”  To focus on Florida, to focus on “putting out” the fires, to focus on dimishing the flames.  He asked listeners to do this in whatever way comfortable:  draw a picture of the state with rain clouds overhead dropping rain; or, to envision flames simply extinguishing; or, to see water falling in the air over the fires.  You get the idea.  At that time, Florida had been suffering for a long period without any rain.  Additionally, the meteorologists and weather forecasters saw no clouds whatsoever, anywhere near the area of Florida to bring relief.  That night, all together over the radio, Art Bell’s listeners focused on putting the fires out.  What happened?  Sometime between then and the next day, the sky opened up and drenched the land with rain!)

I am asking all of us to take as much time as you can – I’m requesting 30 minutes but any time spent can create the miracle we want to see – and simply focus.  Meditate.  Using whatever images and vibrations are comfortable for you.  Draw a picture if that fits, of Colorado with rain clouds pouring healing water everywhere on these fires.  Get a map out if it will help your imagery.  And of course do not stop general prayers.

Let’s all do this twice.  Let’s, together as One Heart, do the first one today at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time (Colorado is Mountain).  This would be 4:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Central, and 7:00 p.m. Eastern.

Let’s do a second one together tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time (9:00 P, 11:00 C, 12:00 noon E).

Let’s see how quickly we can come to the aid of Colorado.  I promise you, we can make this work.  We can accomplish this.

I do apologize for Beautiful Hearts in other countries who follow these posts; I have not taken time to calculate the time zones around the World due to my wanting to get this out right away.  The schedule above should assist you in determining the time in your area.  Let’s do this together.

The Power we each have is Grand.  But the Power we have together unified will be even bigger.  I do know of at least one meditation group that will also be using their weekly space this evening to focus on this.  So if you have other spaces in your life where a group of you can participate together, please add to the Loving Protection Energy of this effort at any time.

If you are unable to help at the times I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter!  When you have a few minutes, do what you’re able.  It is all Love, Compassion, Protection and Beneficent vibrations we are offering.  The Hearts of Coloradans are crying for help – let’s provide what they’re waiting for.

I thank all readers out there who can spread the word on this and/or participate.  Let’s get busy and bring to a close the suffering, fear and heartache for our Brothers and Sisters in Colorado.




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