Symptoms of Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness



Symptoms of Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

by Teacher, DL Zeta

Some who are already traveling into fifth-dimensional consciousness still hold uncertainties and doubts that make it difficult to fully acknowledge this is happening.

To help you recognize those moments when you are more closely attuned to the broadcast of the New Earth, we offer here some symptoms of fifth-dimensional consciousness:

1) A sense of inner peace and joy “for no reason at all.”

2) A feeling of expansion and unlimited possibility.

3) A belief that everything that has ever happened in your life is part of divine perfection. This allows you to release all feelings of victimhood and take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

4) A feeling of love and compassion for every aspect of yourself, which you naturally extend to all others.

5) The perception that you are abundant and able to call upon the vast unlimited resources of the universe.

6) A sense of purpose that is aligned with your highest vision.

7) A desire to heal and grow and assist others with this process.

8) An ethic of stewardship aimed at respecting and protecting all kingdoms on Earth — animal, plant and mineral. This grows from a respect for the spark of life force in all forms.

9) The ability to transform every situation you encounter. This acknowledges the unlimited powers of your being and helps you see through the illusion. From this place of clear-seeing, you’re able to view the world around you through the eyes of Spirit.

10) The activation of advanced intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy. These gifts allow you to tune into the transmissions of your higher self.

11) A surrender to the divine will of the universe that allows greater alignment with universal laws and the highest good of all.

12) A willingness to release the past and open to the new. As you grow, you’re able to jettison old scenarios but retain understandings gained through creating them. This allows you to step free of old identities and adopt new ones you need to grow and learn.

Recognizing and embracing the signposts of fifth-dimensional consciousness helps you home in on the broadcast of the New Earth. This allows you to further entrain your consciousness to this new and expanded time. As you further align with fifth-dimensional consciousness, the broadcast you send out to the world becomes more aligned with the essence of the New Earth.

This draws you into communion with others who are waking up and tuning in, and with those who share your purpose of shifting human consciousness to this new octave. As those who have volunteered to anchor these energies unite, the frequencies of the New Earth become ever more accessible, ushering in the new and expanded possibilities of this “golden age.”

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta For more information, visit




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