Quantum Awakening

through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the velocity of your dreams coming true increases in dimension and depth you come to an intersection of time where all of your past dreams overlap and merge with all of your new creations. It is here that they meld into a physical format that holds a vast array of possibilities.

It is at this point of multiplicity that one can breath more life into their dreams or just allow them to make it on their own. It is as this sacred placement that you can also adjust the pattern and pathway that the dreams are flowing into.

When one has received the gift of a dream made manifest it is important to realize that person has rightly earned it.  to manifest anything of great potential one has to walk through the shadows of self and fear and other imported limitations.

One has to come face to face with the beast within that gnaws upon lost dreams.   Moving into higher octaves of manifestation demands that one become brave beyond fears crested by self or others. It requires one to fill in the designated field of inquiry with red ink so one can be seen in the fullness of time and all requests can be processed accordingly.

Seeing your dreams into full manifestation takes guts with little glory. It asks you to integrate into a system that you may not agree with and yet by your very integration you change the outcome of what is to be. Every thing upon earth has a deep livingness housed within it and this livingness (quantum consciousness) responds to all thoughts with no exceptions. You are continually fueling what is to be or not to be by every thoughtful energy. In the process of creation you are not allowed to doubt yourself one iota. For even one stray thought of failure will taint the entire batch of creation.

As we move closer to all that we seek to be true we will find that every place we go has the divine potential to be a vessel of light. Whether that vessel of light comes in the form of a gas station, a grocery store or a furniture store every place can be used to house what is good and high of Light and integrity. Each place that you work or live or drive is influenced by your energies.  All places of employment hold the vibrations of their employees, their joys, angers, their good days and their bad days. That ratio changes daily with every action and interaction.

At this time on earth the angels fold up their wings and wear a costume of humanness  walking among the masses. These angels  are often seen on the very corners of your hometown street begging for food and money.  The holier than thou vibration of judgment is coming into diluted form as those of a higher heart are asked not to judge by another’s clothes or car or looks or ethic group. The very Christ child himself was born amongst the lowliest of animals in a place that did not seem appropriate for the Son of God.

Many  have looked to ancient history to find the locations of the sacred cities and sites but said places are now beaten up and war torn.  The universe comes to announce that the places of light that you seek to fill you with what you think is holy, need to first be filled by you with love.

If you enter a place that feels negative or misused, (sacred place, church or Wal-Mart for that matter) do not run with your tale/tail between your legs pointing at its darkness. Stop for a full minute and bless what appears to be lightless. Maybe the dormant light waits on your recognition to be made t luminescent. The time for judgment and finger pointing is over and gone.  God’s entire world is a holy place, from the trash dumps to the beautiful mountaintops. The light needs you to speak it into existence. Without your participation it just lays dormant and silent.

What lives deep within the people of earth has more value than all the gold and diamonds on earth. One soul who finally sees them selves as a holy vessel is priceless. One soul who remembers their divine identity is worth risking everything for.

People have felt so beat down and beat up. They have felt cheated and taken advantage of when they are good hearted giving loving people. So many try to take advantage,  at times like this it is hard for many to continue to  live in integrity,  in honor and old fashioned goodness.  But that is exactly what one must do, for all that is unfairly taken from you will be accounted for in the heavenly inventory.

Life has more than enough to give. She wants to share and comfort you in your times of need. This grand happening may not be in the form that you have prayerfully requested.  You may be asked to move away from your home, town or city to relocate and start anew. Even though this seems as a burden it is a great gift. You have outgrown the energy of the /place /job/situation and now you are being planted in a fertile field  by the universe, who knows your every desire and nurtures your potential to bloom.

Every thing that happens to you comes as a gift no matte how it is wrapped. It is your belief in this statement that will redirect the manifestation into something more beautiful than you originally thought.





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