Bright Beacon: A Full SuperMoon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

Sunday, June 23, 2013
7:32 am EDT



Feeling a bit damp these days? The Water element reigns: Sun newly in Cancer conjunct larger-than-life Jupiter; Mercury, Venus and Vesta very close together in Cancer; Neptune and Saturn continuing to flow energy to each other from Pisces and Scorpio; Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces; North Node in Scorpio.

We’re in a time of deep dreaming and strong feeling. The annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams opens today, and I’m imaging this conference will be an intensely wonderful experience for all there.

The challenge is figuring out what to do with all that emotion. The Water element is life-giving when it’s flowing, circulating, bringing in nutrients and carrying away toxins. When Water stops, though, we get stagnation, brooding, stuckness. Let’s face it: when water stops moving, we get mold.

Overnight Saturday (tomorrow), the largest, brightest Full Moon of this year arrives. This Moon will be the closest to Earth she’ll be all year. Where skies are clear, we might feel we can reach up and touch her luminous face. Don’t miss a chance to see her, and dance in her golden glow.

This Full Moon channels Capricorn, the Earth sign that puts its shoulder to the wheel, never gives up, never surrenders. This Moon is widely conjunct Pluto, the alchemist who leaves no stone unturned. This Moon is pragmatic, hard working, and has her eyes on the prize.

This Full Moon sits at the point of a kite formation that draws the Saturn–Neptune trine right into the Full Moon energy. With Jupiter in the final, anaretic degree of Gemini, and asteroid Lilith right between the Sun and Jupiter, this is a powerful combination.

Shining her bright beacon on the intense waters we’re swimming in, this Full Moon asks: What are these feelings about? Are we stuck or moving? Where’s the goal? How do we get there?

And, of course. where are the life vests and can we all fit into the boat?

We’ll all make it to shore as long as we look to the light and follow its path across the water. Lighthouses are built with powerful lenses that serve to focus light so it carries across long distances. This Full Moon, so close to the Earth, has the power to shine through any storm.

Eric Francis has an intriguing take on 29 Gemini, the spot we’ll find expansive Jupiter shining from at this Full Moon. He sees that final, intense degree as uniquely suited to giving us the big picture, offering the ability to put things into context and see how they connect.

The thing is, sometimes light shows up things we’d rather not see. This Full Moon could be like that. If there’s stuff in our psyches, in our families, in our relationships we’ve been looking away from, this Moon could illuminate it inescapably. This Moon ain’t for sissies.

The gift this Full Moon offers (and it’s a great gift) is that same illumination. Those places we’ve felt stuck, the personal stuff we’ve been working on and just can’t quite see clearly, the missing piece of the relationship puzzle: all those might be highlighted. Oh! we’ll say … is THAT it? I can work with that. Big shifts possible.

Another big theme for this SuperMoon is ancestry. Cancer is tribe as well as family; Capricorn is tradition as well as authority. The involvement of Neptune, Saturn and Pluto take us into deep territory.

This will be a powerful Moon for connecting to our ancestors, working with them, learning from them. Old issues may come up for healing, and new directions brought to light.

Full Moons can make us all feel a little crazy, and this one could be loonier than most. With all this emotional intensity, we’ll want to be prepared. Connect to your tribe. Find a place where you feel emotionally supported, at home, loved. From that place, we can follow the Moon’s bright beacon to see what we need to see, learn what we need to learn.

May it be so for you.



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