Quantum Awakening

through Gillian Macbeth-Louthan

As more and more demands are placed upon us by family/husbands/wives/ job/etc we seem to have little time to sit fully in our light and do what our hearts desire. We miss us, as we lie stretched to the limits like dear old Gulliver, adrift in a far off land. So many strings tie us down emotionally as we stuggle to keep our heads and hearts up.

We miss our divine time with the Universe/God as we see less and less of who were are.  A great void buffers our energies as we try so hard to be seen thru the fog.

Everything shouts a different order! Stay- don’t stay -go, don’t go- move, no stop! Our senses and directions are muddled as if we were sailing thru the Bermuda triangle. The hours of the day seem to plot against one as we seek to spend some time with the person we believe ourselves to be.

Demands have stretched our capabilities to a point of Gumby consciousness.  We are being asked/demanded of/ to do more for others in need. due to sickness, old age, fear, and grief.  The lower forty-eight states of humanness call to each and every one of us as we wander this new strange land this new strange us.  Thinking one has a choice seems to be of little value as the choices change their idenity and address everyday.

Life herself is commander-n-chief of this chaos.. You are pulled kicking and screaming into others worlds and melodramas.  You shout ‘this is not my karma, my drama, my creation or my responsibility.’ The shouts fall upon the deaf third ear, as it swims in the inner ear see of tranquility.

You look at yourself in this new role and do not recognize who you have become. You look at your life as time unravels dimensionally showing you all of its ebb and flow. Your inner beat yearns to be heard but the band plays on and you are forced to march to the beat of a different drummer.

Your light that was once so big has condensed into pinpoint laser precision. Within that precision point time does not exist.  You are learning how to exist in several layers of your selves simultaneously. The break between timelines has quickened and there is no parking space in-between. You are being asked to let go and allow this energy to unfold into its own possibility. All is happening at once and their is no longer a dividing line.





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