Lee Harris Energy Forecast

This month’s Energy Forecast was, for me, both a reassurance of things I’ve been experiencing and a validation of how important it is to go within.

As June manifested and then faded into the road behind us, it has felt like a tug-of-war inside of me as aspects of my Being have vied for attention.  Additionally, I have felt a tug-of-war externally as tangible aspects have required attention and focus.  What aspects?

On the one hand, I have been very “busy” traveling, house-hunting, and attending to details that seem to require that attention if my proactive movement was to have success during this time of transition for me.  (For the wonderful readers who may have noticed my absence the last week of June, this was the reason.  Away from home, flight travel, lots of driving, etc.)

At the same time, the intensifying of energy that so many of us are experiencing to go Within more deeply and more frequently, to know ourselves, see ourselves, experience ourselves as the Divine Being that is our True Consciousness.

Have you felt it?  Have you experienced this ‘back and forth’ in your Being?  Are you experiencing a sense of whipping around on a roller coaster, one day focused with Purpose, the next floating between an external mission and your Inner Being.  And then suddenly the next day, feeling dragged from the Inner Being you were finally able to rendezvous with back again to the external busyness?

So many are experiencing these things at this phase in our Evolution together.  Climbing two rungs up, then revisiting the one just below.  Then two more up… and so on.

We are rising, ascending to a Higher Place.  Have no doubt.  Stay with these things, for each Moment now is a ‘teachable’ Moment.  Each Moment now can be a new space, never before seen by you.  Feel Joy in the next two steps up.  And in the space of one rung back, do not judge yourself.  Honor yourself.  These moments where we feel ‘one step back’ must no longer be moments in which we judge, feel disappointed in ourselves, feel futility, etc.  Recognize these Moments as the completion of what the Vibration was seeking from you in that space.  As many writers and message-givers now are saying, these are the times of final Spiritual Housecleaning.  Maybe the one ‘step back’ is simply shedding light on some dirt or mess that was missed.  When it is attended to and given up to the Light, the two rungs up will be filled with more Joy and new Wonder!

Also, as many writers and message-givers are saying, this is the time to create a deep love-affair with “Just Being.”  The days of our emotional and intellectual engines being powered by Ego are dissipating, fading and making their exit.  That means that the days of believing we only have purpose and value if we are constantly “doing” are also fading away – though Lee reminds us this month, some Souls who feel that following a Higher Purpose through action is Authentic to their Soul, this is “busyness” that is for the common good and benefits Humanity’s Evolution.  It is time to experience the immense Knowledge, Love, Power, and Grace that is found within, not without.  In simply Being.  Not doing.

What have you been experiencing and going through in this phase of deep inner pioneering juxtaposed with the many outer events happening more frequently now, whether in your own life or your perspective on the World?  Please share if you feel so moved; these are, after all the times of finally acknowledging our Divine Connectedness with each other!  Comments are always open.

Enjoy this month’s Energy Forecast from Lee Harris.   And remember to enjoy the Butterflies in your abdomen from the thrill of this ride!



Lee Harris Energy Forecast – July 2013






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