July Forecast


Times are in CST/MDT. Forecast by Shawn Limbach


July 3:  10:03 pm, Balsamic Moon 27° Taurus 21′.
July 6:  3:59 am, Vesta enters Leo.
July 7:  10:12 pm, Saturn – Stationary Direct 4° Scorpio 49′.
July 8:  1:15 am, New Moon 16° Cancer 18′.
July 12:  2:14 am, Crescent Moon 5° Virgo 9′.
July 13:  7:23 am, Mars enters Cancer.
July 15:  9:19 pm, First Quarter Moon 23° Libra 46′.
July 17:  8:30 am, Uranus – Stationary Retrograde 12° Aries 31′.
July 19:  7:46 am, Gibbous Moon 12° Sagittarius 3′.
July 20, 12:17 pm, Mercury – Stationary Direct 13° Cancer 22′.
July 21:  6:58 am, Pallas enters Cancer.
July 22:  6:41 am, Venus enters Virgo.
July 22:  9:56 am, The Sun enters Leo; 12:17 pm, Full Moon 0° Aquarius 6′.
July 25:  6:59 pm, Disseminating Moon 18° Pisces 13′.
July 29:  11:44 am, Last Quarter Moon 6° Taurus 45′.

Welcome to the July 2013 Scorpio Mooncast!

The month starts off with a feeling that we must get our acts together and get real. Planet Earth has been giving us the signals. Another example is Alberta and the devastating flooding in Canmore, Calgary, High River and other cities in that beautiful province last month. Saturn has the breaks on during the first week and will change direction, moving forward on the 7th. As soon as we get used to forward movement (the Earth sometimes complains and shifts around a bit), Uranus changes direction on the 17th, offering us a chance to reflect on what ideas we wish to risk acting on and how we want to reform our global situation. The 20th is when Mercury moves direct (and comes out of the shadow early August on the 3rd). After our foray into our feeling body and focus on our sense of belonging with the Cancer Sun, the Sun moves into Leo while the Saturn/Neptune disseminating trine is triggered by Jupiter and Mars and there is promise to activate and expand upon our dreams. Mars/Jupiter may elicit some extreme emotional behaviors around the 22nd. Larger expressions of fun, neediness, opinions. Add a sense of humor! Please.

This first half of July we’re rocking and rolling— edgy and chaotic for some; the second half, the energy  is available and at our disposal to do great things which will transcend time and open our compassionate hearts. We will need that compassion when Mars activates the Uranus/Pluto square at the end of month. The weekly forecast is below.

Reminder: DOI stands for Dates Of Influence. Times are in MDT/CST.

July 1 – July 6

The Forecast:

Monday, the first of July. The Moon sign changes to Taurus in the mid-afternoon, which can be helpful to keep us grounded, earthbound, balanced, on task. Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, who is traveling through Leo, squares Saturn and brings focus on security issues. The next couple of days we may be directing our creative juices to reevaluate what brings us security. Money planning and relationship management! On a deeper level, what makes us secure? Add to this fixed energy, the Sun opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus later in the week, where power struggles are amplified especially on a global level. Use the sensual side of Taurus to alleviate the stressors and hug a tree, a child or your partner to get to the Heart.

Tuesday the Moon trine Pluto transit offers us the opportunity to look deeply within ourselves rather than at the issues of another. Overall, Tuesday is a lunar day as the Moon connects with Saturn and Neptune during the dreamtime. Write the dreams down when you awake, something practical might be revealing itself. By late evening, the Moon settles over the South Node. Can we detach from the Mind/Ego and observe emotional attachments?

The Void of Course Moon is active starting 9:52 am MDT on Wednesday. This lasts through early morning on Thursday. Only make plans if you don’t want to actually follow through on them. The Balsamic Moon in Taurus at 10:03 pm is a time to begin considering what to release and to consider  what intention to set for the next Lunar cycle which starts next week at the New Moon in Cancer on July 8. Will there be a house project or a time to nurture yourself or will you spend more time with family?

The fourth of July brings fireworks as the Sun squares Uranus. Isn’t that perfect if you are living in the States? (My Canadian friends, forgive me for talking about my homeland. Jupiter and the Sun are in Cancer. Is traveling home indicated?) Bam, bam, bam. Independence (Uranus) highlighted by the Sun. This is a First Quarter square, which means that when the Sun was conjunct on March 28 to Uranus (as well as Venus) what was initiated around those days? This time frame then is a thread to that time. FQ’s often are tension points that suggest making a decision.

Friday Venus makes a crescent semi-square to Mars. Here is a push to gather some further information about a relationship or a new desire  evident around April 6 (if there was one). Relationship information. Talk about your creative passions. Share from the heart and listen. It is possible to move toward healing and possibly a truce in the future. Still with Mercury retrograde and sesquiquadrate in Neptune, caution is advised, inner contemplation and honesty would be delightful; however confusion or an error in understanding can occur.

Saturday the Moon enters Cancer late afternoon and conjuncts Jupiter. Either our emotional expression is great and mighty and there is call for a home party, or if we have been struggling with ‘truth vs lies’ we may be expanding our protective fortresses.

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© 2013 Shawn Limbach. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media as long as you change nothing, do not charge for it, credit the author, and include this complete copyright notice and web address.




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