Reformation — Saturn Station Direct

July 4, 2013 by Len Wallick

Saturn resumes direct motion through fixed Scorpio at 1:11 am EDT Monday, ending a retrograde period that got underway on February 18, and symbolically initiating creative reformation. Symbolically, because only you can make it real. Initiating, because two hours after Saturn’s station direct, the cardinal Cancer New Moon begins a new lunar cycle in the same sign the Sun entered last month to start a new season.

Creative, because Saturn will be precisely trine to Neptune’s mutable Pisces paradigm of possibility. Reformation, because that’s what Saturn does.

If you see ‘road apples’ on the road, you know a horse has been there. If you sense form, structure or definition in your life, you know Saturn has been there.

By this time, nearly every being on Earth can sense that the tangible and intangible structures defining life as we know it are on the verge of taking on new forms. Faced with that, your choices come down to three.

You can ignore or deny what is happening, and wake up one fine day among the road apples. You can resist the Universe itself and find yourself among those who have bet on the wrong horse. Or you can collaborate with the Cosmos in co-creating reform for yourself and the collective.

The question is how to ride with the astrology. The answer is a little horse sense. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) will conjoin as they do every month to provide the timing.

Ever since human beings started paying attention, the two greater lights have been the cues that correlate where we are at to where we should be. A New Moon has always signified a time to start. In this case, go with the luminaries and start feeling around, inside and out, for what begins to change anew on Monday.

Where you sense a change of definition and direction, there Saturn will be. Another way to sense the Ringed One is how working with it is not difficult, but working against it is. Once you have located those energy trends, you will be two thirds of the way home. It’s the latter third, however that will require you to apply some creativity, beginning now, to rein things in.

That’s because of Neptune, and its watery ways. Also the grand water trine connecting cardinal Cancer, fixed Scorpio and mutable Pisces, which will probably acquire a defining, and possibly intimidating, momentum when Saturn does.

It takes a sensible horse and rider working together to negotiate the currents when feet can’t feel the bottom anymore. The circumstances require a willingness to trust in collaboration. It is also necessary to be guided, even if temporarily, by imagination alone. All of that can be pretty scary, but the moment you yield to fear, you cease to be present with the water and are instead swept away.

Like fire, elemental and otherwise, water is not the best master. That means mastering how water manifests in you. Considering that Monday’s astrology represents a beginning, you can probably stay in the saddle for the time being without having to master everything at once.

You can start by realizing that keeping your eyes on the prize is as just as much a manifestation of elemental water as utterly losing your head can be. That means envisioning new forms for yourself and for the future beyond yourself in the days that remain between now and Monday. Don’t worry about making anything happen right now — that will come later.

The objective is to re-define your relationship to elemental water. To replace, even if temporarily, the familiar motivation of emotions with a new source of inspiration — imagination. Specifically, to be motivated by the visions you create at the displacement of emotions, even if only for a few days.

First, imagine the person you would like to be, and allow yourself simply to believe you can fill the vessel of your imagination and take its shape. From there, it’s only a matter of imagining how to reform the world without being its master, only its servant in collaboration. If you can do that going into and over the weekend, you will not only be riding with the astrology, you will be riding on top when Saturn becomes the definition of progress once again.

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