Inner Whispers

“Look At Your Experience More Clearly”

From Veronica

through April Crawford

“In true linear fashion, concepts from religious perspectives offer a more simplistic definition of the physical experience.

You are born, you live a singular opportunity.  You leave the physical life to attend an endless spiritual reward based upon the standard of a one chance moment.

We suggest that it’s often difficult, or perhaps even impossible, for “get it right” on one experience.  The complexity of the soul would require a multiple experience that would reflect also parallel and concurrent life times.

Of course all is happening simultaneously, which becomes confusing when one is fully engaged in the linear.

It is important to realize the depth of experience.  To focus only on the life your are completely aware of can be limiting.

For reference, we include the definition of parallels, which are many different versions of the life you are aware of now.  In each of them, the theme is the same as well a most of the characters that participate.

In concurrent lives, there are different portrayals and themes.  Each concurrent life may also have various parallel lives attached to it.

We do not give this information to confuse, only to give the perspective of what really is occurring in the big picture.

We wish to keep it simple to achieve an opportunity to look at your experience more clearly.

Most define this as past lives, concurrent lives, and future lives.  It is better understood in the linear by this definition.

Multiple layers of existence is a journey topic often distorted by well meaning individuals.

Take in the information and continue to “chew on it”.

We will continue at another time.”




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