Making the Choice: Ignorance or Wisdom and Peace?

I don’t typically write about current events except where they may be global events, lessons, and opportunities for us or cabal-related.  But I am moved to express my thoughts on the recent happening in the U.S.  That is the Florida criminal trial of George Zimmerman and the killing of Trayvon Martin.  And the verdict that has been a shock for so many of us.  What does that mean for all of us, not just Sanford, Florida and two families?

One-hundred and forty-eight years ago on January 31, 1865, the U.S. Congress officially ended the atrocity of owning African human beings in the United States.

Only forty-nine years ago, on July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.

In 2008, we ‘elected’ the first Black U.S. President.

In 2012, we gave him a second term.

In 2013, we see a white woman losing her career for publicly using archaic, derogatory names when referring to African-Americans.

One could easily think on the surface, that we have progressed well as a society.

And yet…

In 2013, a Florida man of Hispanic descent killed a child of African descent, with a gun, for walking home.  A legal defense team and jury of peers have determined he did nothing wrong.

Is it 2013 or 1950?

Was the event of the Zimmerman trial about race?  Well, yes.  But I think there is another issue wrapped tight within this.  Since September 11, 2001 we have been told, guided, brainwashed to become a society of suspicious people and accusers who are fearful of everyone.  We seem to have embraced the height of paranoia about everyone outside our homes, especially anyone who looks different than ourselves.

Wrapped within this paranoia we also have distrust and fear of the government in a society where the people own 88.8 guns per 100 people (2012 statistics).  100 people = 89 guns.  Yemen has the highest number of guns in the world… the United States is second.

So what is the issue post-Zimmerman trial verdict?  Is it race?  Is it profiling and stereotyping?  Is it paranoia and the everyone-is-my-enemy mentality?  Is it guns?

It’s clearly all of the above, but first and foremost it is about the denial we as a society are in regarding how far we have truly progressed in 148 years, or even 49 years about race and equality.  Why have we come full-circle in the wrong direction?  This is not progress.

The time is over for racism and the “us vs. them” way of living.  To stop giving lip-service to racial equality and be courageous enough embrace and truly understand what “color-blindness” really means as a social term.  It does not mean simply being ‘nice’ to those who are different from us.  It does not mean behaving in a way that looks – on the surface – as though we are an all-embracing society.  We are not.

It means we begin to look in the eyes of each Soul we meet and be willing to treat that person as a citizen of the Earth.  It means the time has passed to use “Southern culture/history” as an excuse to stay ignorant.

There is no excuse for pre-judgment and profiling of another human being.

There is no excuse for pre-judging based on the myriad of beautiful shades of color with which Humanity is created.

There is no excuse any more for deciding another’s intent solely based on the way they walk, talk, or the style of dress they choose.

There is no excuse for deciding the fate of another’s very life based on what time of day they are exercising their ability to walk home.

And we ought to know better than to assume the intentions of a person based on the actions of someone that came before them.

It is time for courage.  It is time for those who believe they have good hearts to stop… stop… and look into the mirror of the Soul and answer honestly who is the one that is suspect?

It is ourselves.  And it is long past time to see ourselves for who we are, admit we have been wrong and truly desire to change.  Admit error in our thinking and then put it to rest.  To say the words – “I have pre-judged others”, “I have been more suspicious of non-Caucasians than Caucasians (or Blacks or Hispanic looking people, etc.)”, “I have not been as all-embracing in my Heart as I’ve pretended to be in my actions”, “I have allowed myself to selectively dislike others based on what I learned from my family”.  It is not a debate that our society needs to continue having.  However, as long as we continue to hold these perspectives and continue these behaviors, the debate will be necessary.  We must honor the history of the African humans that were abducted from their homeland and enslaved within U.S. history.  And the American Indian.  And the Japanese-American.  And we must honor the events – the good, bad and ugly – that were part of significant periods in U.S. history.

Then, with a true desire to be different people, to be a people that have had enough of our own hypocrisy, to be a people that ACT in the name of justice and fairness as opposed to blaming everyone else for the lack of justice and fairness, to lovingly put our traditions to rest, we must forgive ourselves.  Replace judgment toward others and ourselves with Forgiveness.  It is time to be courageous enough to become the person we require others become.

It is time to teach our children the true history of our society.  But it is also time to teach our children not to repeat history, to become a society that is different from our ancestors’ society.  To teach our children to choose love and inclusion of all members of our society.  And teach them that all of us are worthy and valuable and significant.  That differences are beautiful rather than something to be feared.

All of us.

White.  Black.  Brown.  Yellow.  Red.  Every shade in between.

Gay and Lesbian.


Muslim.  Christian.  Atheist.  And everything in between.

There is no longer any requirement or reward to remember our history by way of continuing to live that history.  The only opportunity for rewards and the only requirements now are to become the people we expect everyone else to be.  Just.  Fair.  Loving.  Compassionate.  Understanding.  Suspicionless.  Embracing.  Peaceful.  Accepting.

It is time to accept that we have been a racist, hateful, vengeful country of people and accept that; to be embarrassed and shamed in front of ourselves for what we have done.  It is time for all of us to understand that the loving peaceful World we want will require all of us.  Then, stripped naked of all we have done to others, it is time to hang our heads in acknowledgment of the hypocrisy we have shown.  Hang our heads in grief over what we have done.  To accept that this grief cannot be about what someone else has done to another but rather what we have all done to each other.

It is time to understand; not just individuals who seem different from us but to understand that we have all done this.  And we can stop doing this.  We can stop using our family traditions to rationalize hate and judgment.  We can stop using our upbringing to rationalize not loving another.  We can stop using our history to rationalize why it is so.

We can start adopting new attitudes.  With no judgment.  We can start seeing all of us, everywhere, as equal and connected to each of us.  We can stop defining an entire group of people based on the dark actions of one… or two… or ten.  We can start meeting each other as we are:  Beings with Potential; Beings with Hearts made of Love; Beings who can teach us; Beings who could be our greatest friend and Protector.

Some have lost their way.  Many have stayed in the Essence of Love and Beauty.  The path of an individual is not determined by the color of the body they inhabit.  We are all, with no exception, “different” to someone else.

How can we get to that authentic place of all-inclusiveness we so demand of everyone else?  What steps will a loving society require to get there?  Just one.


We can choose to stop living on the basis of presumptions.  Or not.  We can choose to stop living on the basis of tradition.  Or not.  We can choose to stop behaviors that are based on upbringing.  Or not.  We can choose to reject fear when we cross paths with someone “different.”  Or not.

We can choose to stop seeing others as dangerous or suspicious.  Or not.

We can choose to move forward as a new Humanity.  Or not.

To have Peace, show Peace.  To have Love, show Love.  To have understanding, show understanding.  To have trust, show trust.  To have fairness, show fairness.  To be accepted, show acceptance.

It is  time to choose to be and behave as a new Humanity with new attitudes.  With new perspectives.

Until we do, perpetrator and victim alike, we really are all Trayvon Martin.



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