Message from P’taah – July 2013

through Jani King

“Loving the Baby One Named Fear”

Q:  I am very confused, fearful and afraid to commit to an answer. Many times I just don’t know how I feel. So what is the problem?

P’taah:  Labels are the problem. Labels. Fear feels tight. Fear is discomfort. Fear is that feeling which when you are in it, your body shows you.

You have all sorts of different reactions to fear, but it is certainly not called “comfort.” So rather than trying to put a label on it, know that whatever is not joyous, whatever is not love, or laughter or play, you may safely label “fear.”

When you try to put labels on, you are really intellectualizing. You do not need to put labels on. It is only enough to know that you are in a re-action and that re-action is not created out of Love.

When you are in the re-action called fear, simply stop and know that within the breast of you there is a tiny baby girl or a tiny baby boy and this baby one all the days of your life have been in the fear that you are not worthy, that you are simply not enough, however that manifests. And it has all occurred from the early time of your birthing. It is also that which is within the collective consciousness. It is that which has been taught to you and all of this you have dragged with you as you have grown to maturity.

But no matter how old you are, the bottom line is that baby one is alive and well and drives you, controls you. And all that is necessary is for you to reach in to this baby boy or baby girl and wrap your arms around this little one and remind this baby how much you love it.

You remember the drill, beloved, hmm? To say “Beloved of my heart, I love you absolutely. I have abandoned and betrayed you in my life because I have not known. However the truth is that we are together forever, you and I, in this safe and wondrous place, this world, and I will never again leave you. I will never ever abandon you. I love you. I love you.” (Pause)

And you know something extraordinary happens when you reach in to this little one. The very fact that you have stopped and you have reached forth the arms of love and compassion to this baby one whose name is Fear and you have drawn this baby to the breast of you with love, you have instantaneously and automatically transformed the energy. Automatically. (Pause) It is that simple. (Pause) Does that answer you, beloved?

Q:  Yes. Thank you.

Q:  Which one of us mortal men have the power to drop all our egos and all our fears? For in order to do this, would we not be in heaven?

P’taah:  Ah, beloved, you will be in heaven indeed. And we say to you this. You are not going to “drop” anything, hmmm? Ego is another name for fear. The more you try to suppress it and control it and manipulate it, the more you are driven by it. One of the reasons that we give to you the visualization of the fear being a baby boy or a baby girl is because when you think about the fears that drive you, the fears that control your world, when you look at your life and think, “My God, look at what I must change before I can become an Enlightened One, it is likened unto a huge mountain that you must leap over with a single bound. And the thought is very daunting. When you are feeling good, you say, “Yes, I can do it!” When you are in the dismals, you think, “My God, this is too hard. I will never, ever, ever be able to get there.”

Well you see, my beloved ones, it is not a great mountain and you do not have a future. You only have Now and how does it feel in this Now moment. There is no mountain to climb. There is only Now and there is the baby boy or the baby girl that nestles within the breast of you who sometimes forgets the grandest truth.

And as you go about your day-to-days and something occurs that brings up the feeling of fear, then it is simply to stop in that Now and deal with it.  And as you embrace it, as you reach out to this baby one, as you wrap your arms around him, in your mind as you see this desolate, broken-hearted baby one and as you wrap your arms around and draw this little one to your breast, so indeed in that Now you have changed the energy. You have brought yourself back into that place of Love. The fear is simply swirled into the God/Goddess light of you called Love and thusly in that instant it it transformed and there you are centered and strong, ready to make your next outrageously creative choice in your life, whatever that brings forth.

And know that you can not make a wrong choice or a wrong decision. Every choice is valid. There are not “rights” and “wrongs.” There simply is. And whatever you choose brings forth a certain kind of experience. When it is joyous, you go with that feeling. When it is not, stop and be in the embracement. All right, beloved?



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