Inner Whispers

“The Possibilities Are Unlimited”

A New Message From VERONICA

July 23, 2013

“The current culture that most reside in is filled with complex input.  Often that energy becomes cluttered, leaving the individual feeling muddled and stuck.  The basic concept of thought creating reality suddenly becomes out of reach as the reality sees to be creating itself.

In moments like these, it is imperative to open the self up to the intuitive gifts that reside in every incarnate being.  It is through those instinctive feelings that one has the opportunity to navigate through dense physical reality.

Most may reply that they simply are not intuitive, thus allowing themselves to fall into the void of disconnect from the self.  It is important to push back from that thought process, while reconnecting to what you feel.

Keep it simple.

Decide to stop in moments of chaos and feel your heart.

What is truly in it?

Whether you like the answer or not, hold on to the truth of it.  Let it resonate through your being.  Your internal reality is the root of your current experience.  Let your self feel it.  The answers are usually embedded within.  It is your responsibility to look past the cluttered external reality and feel the internal one.  It is truly the path to creating your reality successfully.

Give it a try.

Attempt now to reconnect with your intuitiveness.  Keep trying until you meet success.

Remember to be patient with yourself.  It may have been awhile since you connected with your internal reality.

Once achieved though, the possibilities are unlimited.”




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