Inner Whispers

The Term “Holding On”

through April Crawford

“The term “holding on” is often used in the physical as a definition of strength.

It says clearly that by doing so, one achieves a level of accomplishment when people, events, and things are being difficult, or are simply inappropriate.

The grip upon the energy, however, can be exhausting.  Often one becomes so focused upon the “holding on”, that the true nature of the moment becomes lost to all who are participating.

We suggest that it is important to sense into the energy of what is being held, to see if it is truly a good opportunity to expand and grow.

Always feel the vibration of what you encounter in your day.  Assess as quickly as you can the nature of the energy as it interacts with yours.

One knows very soon in the exchange if it resonates well with the self.  Give yourself permission to say “no thank you” should it feel wrong.  There is no reward in holding on to something that does not expand your awareness and soul.

Be strong enough to let go.  The “holding on” will not serve you or the event.  Having that awareness increases your chances of meeting up with a better matched energy at a later moment.

Become sensitive to this process as you move through physical reality.  If you feel blocked, keep moving towards the ability of knowing.

You will regain the ability.  Loosen your grip upon that which affects you negatively.  Hanging on will not change the nature of the person or event.

Let it go.

Once you have, the clarity will return.

Let it go.

The true example of soulful strength.

Let it translate into your physical reality.

It is possible.”



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