Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Moon in Aries Sun in Libra

25 degrees, 45 minutes 4:38 pm (PDT)
October 18, 2013


“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
The Buddha

On Friday, October 18, there will be a partial eclipse of the Full Moon. The United States and most of Canada will be able to see the moonrise with the eclipse already in progress. Eastern Canada, Europe and Africa will be able to see the entire event, while eastern Asia misses the end because of moonset.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, blocking part of the light of the Full Moon and, symbolically exposing the shadow side of our subconscious mind. This is a powerful time to gain personal insights and heal ourselves through processing our emotions. There are many effective methods for accomplishing this (e.g. Reichian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Feel/Express/Surrender). Find a method that works for you and practice it.

This Full Moon, in the sign of Aries, stimulates our desire to take action, begin new projects and make changes. Because the Moon is in a Trine aspect with the planet Mars, there is a tendency to be highly enthusiastic and emotionally impulsive. Tempers could flare. Be aware of this and consciously choose to respond, rather than react to whatever situation may cross your path.

A Full Moon always opposes the Sun. With the Sun in Libra and the Full Moon in Aries, you might find that you are feeling a bit out of balance or out of harmony with certain relationships. This is a perfect time to check in with yourself and ask, “What emotions are coming up for me, as a result of this opposition?” and “What can I do to create balance and harmony in my life?”

At the same time there is a T-Square configuration involving Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon — shown in red. This configuration represents conflicts in points of view, regarding relationships, legal matters, politics, dogma and philosophical perspectives. Watch for righteous indignation, both in yourself and others. Be still, and listen to the opposing points of view. Just the act of listening could diffuse the situation, because the other person feels heard. Respond from your Heart center and you will be divinely guided as to what to say and do.

Also, there is a Grand Trine configuration, in the element of Water, involving the planets Mercury, Saturn, North Node, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune — shown in green. Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, and is at the point that connects both the T-Square and the Grand Trine. This represents a key to resolutions to any conflicts – by expanding beyond limitations with sensitivity, nurturing, philosophy, and a sense of family and home. This is about opening your heart to feel and express compassion.


There will be total Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon on November 3. Remember, the period between eclipses is a powerful time of manifestation. From October 18 through November 3, be especially aware of where you are putting your focus of attention, as this will rapidly bring whatever you are focusing on into manifestation. From a Universal perspective, your focus of attention is your point of attraction. If what you are focusing on doesn’t feel good, then it is time to make a change.

The good news is that you can control your point of attraction by first being aware of what you are feeling, then consciously shifting your focus to something that feels better. At first, this might not be an easy thing to do. However, as you continue to practice feeling good, you will get better at it and, by the Law of Attraction, your life experiences will reflect this change by what is being drawn to you.

Note: The teachings of Abraham, through Esther Hicks, is a wonderful tool to help you accomplish this. For more information on the teachings of Abraham, Click Here(Note from EintheMW:   I have provided a different link than the one provided by Govinda due to “Malicious Attack” security issues I encountered when I followed the link.  I have provided a different site linking to this for you to enjoy the Teachings of Abraham.)

Always be passionate about compassion!

In Love & Appreciation,

Govinda & Janet


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