The Philippines Need Us NOW

To All Powerful Beings Around the World:

I felt an urgency to get a quick post out tonight.  Our Brothers and Sisters in Heart living in the Philippines urgently need us.  Let’s get the Love, Light and Prayers going out for them.  I truly believe that all of us together can succeed in reducing the power of the typhoon that is on a direct track toward the islands.  It is also being reported that the city of Manila (with a population of 12 million) is in the direct path of this storm system.  Reports are also suggesting this may be the strongest storm in all of weather history.

What the Beautiful Souls there need from us is Power – our Divinely given power to manifest anything we desire.  We know we can do it so in any way that you are able, beginning as soon as is possible for you, meditate, pray, envision the Light, send powerful surges of Love.  Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, it will make a difference.  And remember:  we cannot let fear enter into our thoughts and emotions.

As Gregg Braden has taught us, along with our thoughts, we must FEEL the emotion AS THOUGH IS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.  So know, in your Heart of Hearts, that we can do this for them.  Any level of decrease in the energy of this storm will help.  Doing this together, as a unified Humanity, will increase our Power and ability to help.  Remember, when we focused on helping the state of Colorado in the United States during the wildfires, we (unintentionally, I assume) flooded them!  So have Faith in your Divine Power, let’s come together in Love for our Brothers and Sisters there.

Whatever works comfortably for you – meditation, passionate prayer, requests of the Angels, envisioning the storm weakening, Light – we are needed and Hearts are calling for us.

In great Love, from my Heart to Yours,


Please forward this on to your friends and share on your social networks.  Thank you.


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