A Winter Flame

A Special Message for the Solstice
December 12, 2013

by Jennifer Posada

I thought I’d be so sad when summer passed, but by the time the soft heat turned crisp and bright, I was ready…

And autumn, as she never fails to do, wrapped me up in her sweet fruition…her plump rose hips and all the eventualities of the efforts of another year’s seeds.  And suddenly this year, the tree in our front yard whose leaves had always turned a nice muddy red-brown, was lit up in a heart-stopping electric red.  It was so stunning it seemed impossibly succulent, like a dream painted onto reality.  But its most gorgeous truth is that it was very real indeed…it was the reminder that everything is passionate.  Even the very last whisper of a harvest, and even, it promised, the cold and dark, the fallow-seeming time to come…

Whether you are in the part of the world where the days are long, even-lengthed, or short right now, the messages about the energies of the time as we approach this solstice will speak to us all.  And these messages I speak of are messages of hope, of life, of fire under cold ground, and a blaze re-warming the cold places within us…the hardened, wintery layers of ice are readying themselves to crack and melt.  An inner spring is already raging deep inside of us, and we will see its signs sooner than we may have imagined.

For, as I shared in my recent Oracle Prophecy Message about 2014 and the time leading up to it, this is a “blind time” where we are very much in the dark about what many things mean in our lives and what’s coming next.  This is just right.  We’re not meant to have answers now.  We’re meant to sit in the quiet field of not knowing, and be renewed there…even if it’s uncomfortable at first.  For we are making space.  We are making space for a brand new vision that needs a lot of room, and that will fill our lives with an unmistakable joy.  Sure, like a crush it may begin as a tickle, but soon it will light up like the tree in my yard…impossibly and achingly red, and alive.

In the time between now and then, things may start to feel compressed and heavy in the “darkness” of not knowing at times.  When we are shakily readying ourselves for a completely new era in our lives, we often pass through a phase of being more vulnerable to doubt and negative energies around us.  This is a time when we will want to draw close to our sources of warmth and positivity and support, or, if we haven’t much of that, at least draw away from what brings us down, drains us, or is anti-supportive in any way whenever possible.  Nestle in, go out, if you can help it, only when it would make you feel jolly, and leave a place if you can when it doesn’t feel that way.  Stay away from unnecessary bad news and fill yourself with things that delight you…anything from a brisk, fresh walk, to your favorite magazine, to getting cozy with a furry (or non-furry) friend…the options are endless.  Let these things anchor you.  The storm will pass.

You see, there is a promise in any winter.   Be it a winter within you or that actual cold season most of us know so well.  It is the promise, ever-present, of spring.  It is the promise that this time has only come in order to make more room for you to flourish later.  This is your natural time to release what no longer serves you, and the transformational energies of the solstice will only further encourage and support this.  You may find yourself naked and unknowing in the snow, but somehow, in the end, you’ll be warm.  Your cheeks will be flushed with a secret.  One you probably won’t even be able to name, but you will know it.  It will make your blood rush.  Know that while your boat may feel tossed in the waves at times for a while, and you may feel more susceptible to challenging energies, this is ultimately where you are headed…to warmer shores of new life and new vision.

For one day, after I’d slipped into the soft silk of falls lushness, I came home to find that there was no more red on our tree, and all the leaves were soggy underfoot and the same brown as the surrendering earth.  But I knew their secret.  I knew I’d hold it in my heart all winter and that new things would bloom in that place where I did so.  Things I couldn’t see yet, but things whose new beauty would stun me like those red leaves had…and more…

So, the other night when I was already in full darkness at what felt like only late-afternoon, and I got out of my car to check the mail under pitch-black skies and in a bracing chill, I told the winter to take me.  To just take me in.  To embrace me and give me everything she had.  All the dark flowers that will bloom as something electric and pulsing later, if I but hold their tender outlines in my hands and let everything else slip through.  Indeed, there’s little we can hold onto but night flowers right now, but night flowers will show us the way if we wait, and are quiet, and pick up the scent until we can see in the dark, which will happen on the day we have given up trying.

For in my hemisphere, and energetically in many ways around the world, this is a new moon time of year.  And the new moon is always the time of darkness that contains all the fullness to come.  Soon I will meet you under the fullness of this moon, but for now take comfort that we are about to begin anew.  Path unclear, footsteps soft, but without the certain ideas of the future to get in the way, the previously impossible can finally take root, deep in the night…deep in the snow…and sweep us away with its elegant, rebel glow, it’s epic revelation, when the time is right…

To the stirring in the seeds within you right now, and may you have a bed of night flowers to rest on while you wait…

Love, Jennifer



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